As a lot of our readers will know, at the start of the year I said we were going to take this year to see the direction we were going to go with the blog in the future, so I thought it was a good time while I tend to other personal business that I should make a feedback survey.

It’s only 8 questions and isn’t for gather your data or personal info except an optional question on your age, so if you could take a minute out to take it it will help the blog a lot!


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Happy Holidays!

Hey everyone, we thought we would have enough time to post once more before we’re gone for December break, however there won’t be any time.

With that said, a decision will be made about the site and the end of the month about what capacity we’ll keep it in, so it’s really important you go to take the 30-second survey we have above [or right here] to see if we will keep things the same, change to solely social media, or close it completely.

Thanks for taking the time out to read and complete the survey. We hope you all stay safe, social distance, be kind to the essential workers around you and have a great month!

What To Do with Veggies You Hate

[This post is in collaboration with Behold! A Mythical Creature!]

Like a lot of you, we’re not big on vegetables. There’s some that are top tier, always the best no matter what you do, and then it kind of just trickles down from there.

So when my mum gave me a box of free vegetables, I placed them all out and stared at the disappointment, knowing these little parcels are good for the body but by god they sucked. Throwing them out is never an option.
Minds had to come together once more and think about how to utilise these unappealing veg in the best way possible, for the picky eaters, food and texture sensitive and begrudging people of the world.

Also, you sites out there with the titles “Vegetables You Think You Hate”, no, I know I hate these stupid vegetables, don’t think you’re making me join your vegetable cult.

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Places I Want to Go to For Halloween Part 2

It’s been a year since our first Halloween travel post and I feel like I’ve been looking more at New England fall and winter photos than usual. Is it because there’s a pandemic and going up to the shops feels like a weekend getaway? Yeah, yeah I think so.

Unlike last time which was places solely in the USA, we’re going more global with this one and looking at what would be some cool places to go to for Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, we all hope you stay safe and decide to have a good one at home. We’ll actually be away for two weeks to get some personal stuff attended to before Christmas.. oh god that’s coming soon too…


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The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

It might sound weird, but I really enjoy seeing celebrities embracing a good costume. Whether for Halloween, San Diego Comic Con, or any other celebration, I enjoy seeing the detailed and ingenuity of elaborate costumes, or the more amusingly simpler ones (you’ll see what I mean below).

So I thought it’d be fun to look at some of my favourites over the years and maybe you’ll play dress-up while we’re all just home having our own little one-on-one celebrations (or like me, you just look at pictures).

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