Birthday Mini-Haul!: Priceline & H&M

Early last month I celebrated my birthday. Like the adult I am (or should be), I did what adults usually do celebrating their birthday; contemplated how I feel like I’ve done nothing with my life, then swiftly went out to eat the biggest burger I could before buying stuff that is not essential to my day-to-day living.
I’m usually not a spontaneous spender to the point. At all. However being my birthday week and my spending tighter than Fort Knox, I decided it’s okay so spend a few dollars on myself..

Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately), there’s a stand-alone Priceline about five minutes away from my house. It’s like Shoppers, London Drugs, Boots, CVS, Rite Aid, you get the picture, so you can guess that me going in for a ‘quick peek’ with my sister turned into me spending just over $20 on sale items. Thanks, Priceline.

Should I confess that the only thing I went in for was thermal spray and I didn’t even get that? Probably not.

However I did find some awesome stuff.


Priceline Haul (1 of 1)

The Priceline near me always has bargain bins that seem to sprout new things every time I go in, and I was really happy to find some Bourjois products to finally take home. Of course I had to do some rummaging through to find sealed, unbroken products, but for about a dollar each I was pretty happy. I also grabbed a really nice SHE gloss (yeah, two glosses, just in case my other 1000 lipglosses were getting low.
I was so happy to find Revlon gold nail polish as I’ve wanted a gold for ages but didn’t want to spend more money on OPI. It’s $20 here!
I’m also getting ready to do a photoshoot so I picked up the Natio shimmery “Eye Smoothie” shadow stick and saw some of these boxes I’ve never seen before of RCK or “Red Carpet Kolour”. Eh, for the price I thought I’ve give it a go.
Oh. Right. The random Scholl Orthaheels. They were on clearance and I try to nab anything foot squishy-related. You can’t go wrong with happy feet.


Priceline Haul (1 of 12)Bourjois in 07

Look at that green! I have a creamy eyeshadow in a similar green to this but it doesn’t have the best slip once on the skin. There’s something about this green I really liked when I took a peek at it in store.
Priceline Haul (2 of 12)

Above is a swatch of it dry (left) and wet (right). Sadly a bit of the dimension of the shadow is lost in the photo, but I loved how the light picked up the green, so this will be an awesome eyeshadow to use in the future with a bit of sparkle or lighter shadow underneath.


Priceline Haul (10 of 12)

Next is this random looking product from RCK, whom I’ve never heard of before. At first it looks like just a shimmery body lotion that makes you glimmer and gleam on nights out but I actually decided to give it a go because it says it doesn’t transfer onto clothing, which is always good when you’re wearing a nice, fancy black dress.

Priceline Haul (11 of 12)
Priceline Haul (12 of 12)

I’m not sure if it comes in any other colours, but it goes on quite sheer and leaves the little glimmery-shimmery bits. I’m hoping it helps conceal (especially on my chest) but it’s something I’ll have to get back to you on.
Priceline Haul (7 of 12)

I’m not into frosty shadows (especially while I have hooded eyes- thanks, grandpa!) however I spotted Natio’s Eye Smoothie (very) creamy eyeshadow stick in Lily and thought it would be great on an upcoming shoot.

Priceline Haul (8 of 12)
Lily in shadow (left) and with light hitting it (below).
Priceline Haul (9 of 12)








Priceline Haul (5 of 12)

SHE! I love She. I don’t know if it’s because it reminds me of my high school days, the smell of the products, the packaging or because I immediately think of their fan, Kylie Minogue (I should add I idolised Kylie’s look when I was younger), but there’s some nostalgia attached to their products. So when you tell me a nice pink gloss is on sale? I’m going to go for it.

Priceline Haul (6 of 12)
How could anyone say no to those shimmery little gold flecks?


Priceline Haul (3 of 12)

The other lipgloss (like I needed anymore) was Bourjois’s (number 23) gloss. I’m not one for brush applicators with gloss, but the colour looks really intriguing (and again, Bourjois on sale? Yeah I’ll take it).

Priceline Haul (4 of 12)

I really like the multidimensional effect it gives, and the colour is so nice and can be worn all year, so I hope it suits me.


HM Haul (1 of 1)

The last mini-haul was on my actual birthday. I had been nagging my sister that I need to take her to H&M Home to show her awesome stuff I had seen on sale after Christmas, so my sister decided we’ll go in on my birthday – and later get that depression-busting burger..

My sister is obsessing over marble right now and before Christmas I bought her two little marbled boxes for $3 each. This time I saw the little checkered ones which were at the same price – and because I get a hardon for organising/organisation – I bought one. It’s $3!
I did find a really nice candle that wasn’t in my usual scent of cinnamon or vanilla (look at me stepping out of my comfort zone!) called Evening Flower. Usually I stay away from flower/rose candles because the artificial scent makes me feel like I’m being suffocated by a doily my yiayia used to have. This one actually smells really light and pleasant.
However what I was really excited to find were some skull imprinted black hand and bath mats! I had seen them on the H&M Australia site but couldn’t find any when I was last in, so I was over the moon when I found a few hand towels left.

Did I mention it was buy 3 get 1 free when I was shopping? Yeah. Hello, two hand towels! I actually gave the ‘free’ one to my sister because she also loves every skull-y.

So with my mini-haul and stuffed with a burger, I had a great, chilled day out. I might be getting old and feeling unaccomplished while my body disagrees with everything I want it to do, but at least for one day, we got along and bought stuff I didn’t need. I keep telling myself of this because no matter what I buy I either use until it’s in tatters or upcycle, and it’s okay to cut yourself slack and enjoy things, experiment with new products. Hell, you can try it and hate it afterwards!

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