What The Skin?: My Dermatitis Journey Part 2


I promise in part one I would share the skincare products I used during my lovely dermatitis attack. I should say using these products has helped with the hormonal acne I get at that lovely time of the month too, so if you’re also having a breakout at the same time, you might want to give some of these products a good go.

Okay, let’s get down to business!

After extensive search at what other people have tried and made note of what worked for them, I noticed calendula, a flower, is continually brought up as a great ingredient to help treat perioral dermatitis, thanks to it’s anti-inflammatory and other ‘anti’ properties. There are other, more readily available products were tried as well, like unrefined coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and vitamin e. I had all of these on hand in addition to a few other ingredients, so I decided to give them all a go.

First though, I wanted to share with you the two ingredients that are advised you stay away from, as these not only upset the skin, but can be hindering your overall health.


I have consciously been away from fluoride for the better half of a year. Sadly I’m living in a new city where the water is extremely hard and does have chlorine in it, and I’m sure it has a fair amount of this crap in it too, so I haven’t had the money to find the right filters for the rental I’m in. However, I have stayed away from fluoride toothpaste since I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, as it disrupts thyroid functioning. If you are using toothpaste with fluoride in it and are having skin issues around the mouth, I am suggesting like a good pal that you halt it. The chemical has been known to wreak havok on people’s skin, not just in their mouth and body.


Sodium-Laural Sulphate/SLS

If your shampoo, face and body cleansers foam, this is probably in your products (check them right now if you want, it’s usually straight after water/aqua). SLS can really disrupt the skin, leaving it dry, sensitive and irritated. I go between so many cleansers but they all usually have SLS in them, and I had read enough blog posts and articles to realise that I needed to stop using them, or at least have a break from them while my face looked like a lumpy potato.


Now that we’ve discussed the two things that you might want to stop using, I wanted to list some ingredients that people have suggested you use as a natural remedy for not only this type of dermatitis, but other related dermatitis and skin issues. I should say now though that I’m no doctor- my aunt and uncle are- but I’m not. I would be an awesome doctor though!

Apple cider vinegar/ACV– A solution of half ACV, half water was used by some people to help clean the skin. I have relied on ACV as a toner in the past, and while some people said this helped them, I was one of the people who thought it didn’t make it worse, but it didn’t help either. Also, ACV can really sting, so if you have a lot of open sores like I did, you might want to stay away.
Coconut oil– It would make sense to use the unrefined, cold-pressed stuff to reap the benefits of coconut oil, however I was finding this was producing smaller pimples, making the lower half of my face even worse. This could also be because it was still warmer weather, but still, I wasn’t liking that some residue was left on my skin. I decided to cut out coconut oil.
Natural Yogurt– Gotta say, didn’t try this, but people have had some great results with it so I’m putting it down in case you have some yogurt in your fridge. Two others I didn’t try that are supposed to be great is straight aloe vera and grapefruit seed extract.

You might find some of these in your pantry right now, and if they are, I suggest giving them a go- they might work for you. However if you feel like you need a bit more, I’m going to show you right now what I used from when I was at my most inflamed, to now where my skin is almost clear and just maintaining it.


41._Cleansing_Lotion_125ml_1024x1024I knew the first thing I had to buy was a new face cleanser with no SLS or a shit-tonne (actual measurement) of ingredients. It had to be simple and preferably a cream.
Good ole faithful Sukin. Sukin is an Australian brand that has amazing products at incredible prices. I have tried a lot of their products, but hadn’t tried their Cleansing Lotions from their sensitive skin range. This stuff feels and smiles damn good. With ingredients like cucumber extract, aloe vera, rosehip oil, jojoba oil and chamomile, it is great at calming the skin and keeping it fresh and moisturised with no tight or itchy feeling at all.483729_xlarge
As an all-round moisturiser and balm to use for areas that need a bit more love, I went with Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm. The texture is light and goes on thin, but don’t think it skimps because of that. It’s only got the good ingredients that help heal and protect skin like castor oil, meadowfoam oil, teatree and calendula flower oil!
While you might look at the $38AUD+ price tag and wince, I highly suggest it as it’s a great versatile product that you can continue using once your skin has cleared up. I keep mine in my bag now for whenever I need it.
CR100_WB_SQ_low_1024x1024Using the two products above for the first few days and seeing no new horrible, itchy, sore bumps coming up, I thought they might be the only two things I would need. However I was in a health food store closeby and found Four Cow Farm’s Calendula Remedy in the baby section. I loved that this only has a few ingredients in it; the first being calendula followed by some gentle, healing oils, making it a little thicker in texture. I decided to buy it because of the ingredients and the texture so I could use it at night- especially because my sister is an aircon-oholic.



I noticed early on a lot of the blog posts highly recommended YesTo range when it comes to facial dermatitis. Sadly though Yesto is getting harder to find here and there’s only a couple of products that are stocked. However I did manage to find a trial sized packet of YesToCucumbers (which smell de-vine) and YesToCoconuts face wipes. These are great when you’re out and about or any time you need some calming relief.

eczemapsoriasiscream_webAt this point, my skin was starting to really come out of the bigger flareups- which was great- but I felt like my face needed a light cream all over, almost a moisturiser. Then I remembered that one of my all-time favourite brands, MooGoo (seriously, I love everything about them) has an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal cream (you guessed it, the one on the right, the Eczema & Psoriasis Cream) that’s also good for dermatitis and yeast skin conditions. Excellent! I grabbed some and I love how you onto need a pea-sized amount to do all over your face and neck. It’s very light and has helped keep any additional dryness away so I don’t look like a light-coloured leather handbag as well as Quasimodo.85c1aff4f45c4af2a7465e353c8ab585

The last thing I have used and want to show you is a product my sister actually picked out, Dermaveen’s Sensitive Relief Eczema Cream with everyone’s favourite soother, oatmeal! The consistency is thicker than the MooGoo cream, which I found handy for a really random cold snap we had.

So there you have it! All the products I have used over the last 8ish weeks, all in different phases but they’re all helping make my skin get back to what it was a while ago. I want to add that you don’t have to get all of these products, but since these have all helped thanks to clean, healing ingredients, I strongly recommend them if you’re having the same issues I’ve been experiencing. Although the pictures I took before trying these products didn’t really show how bad it was (and I don’t even want to show you those), I want to let you know that the first eye that became inflamed and the lower half of my face are only showing the faintest of pink dots, my newer inflamed eye is still a dark pink but on it’s way out. They would have only progressed into something worse if my sister didn’t show me what it might be and I did some digging.
I also realise I will have to keep to these products for a few more weeks, and more importantly, the dermatitis could always come back when it wants to, but I’ll have these products by my side, as well as a better diet… buuuut, that’s for another time…

3 thoughts on “What The Skin?: My Dermatitis Journey Part 2

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  3. Hey! Thanks so much for sharing these products! I am dealing with the same exact thing around my eyes and just starting to look into treatments. Now that it’s been a few years, do you feel like there was any one thing in particular that worked well for you? Are you still dealing with the dermatitis or has it resolved? Do you have any updated product recommendations? Thanks in advance!!

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