DIY Greasy/Oily Hair & Scalp Solution



I got the greaseball jackpot in life. My dad’s hair is the black sheep to his Scottish roots (haha, pun!)  while the Mediterranean background from my mum’s side means my sister and I had no chance at normal sebum production.

My mum has always been known for her ever-changing hair colour, so it wasn’t a surprise to anyone when she would start putting streaks and colouring my hair at twelve years old. She went to hairdressing school, so everyone would come around to get their hair done, and she’s actually the only one that I let cut my hair to this day (we might talk about that one day). As I got older and my hair became lighter and lighter, I realised why my grandma (a lady who has been every. single. colour) and mum always dyed their hair – and it wasn’t just grey hairs. I noticed as I bleached my hair, my greasy scalp was more controlled, and if I let my roots grow out too much, the oil was itchy. I’d scratch it so much sometimes I would develop sores on my head.

Well, I’m still a blonde for a lot of reasons, the main one being I like being a lighter blonde, but over the past year I was trying to experiment with a darker, more natural blonde. I was using a lower volume developer to lift my roots a few shades up and was trying to get into the ‘no poo’ movement.

My scalp/roots hated it. When I tried going off bleaching my hair altogether, my scalp/roots retaliated with greasy hair. I could not get it clean. I did everything; gave it time to ‘correct’ itself and just go through rinses, tried hiding it amongst tons of dry shampoo. Everything. No shampoo, rinse, remedy was helping. It was so greasy wet and dry that my mum couldn’t even cut my hair because she couldn’t get a good hold! I attempted all the internet remedies- I even used bicarb soda to gently wash my hair, but that just made things crunchy and overall gross.

However I did think the bicarb soda idea was onto something. I liked that it was cheap, natural and readily available, but how people suggested to use it in its shampoo-suspended dry form took too long to rinse out and I never got it all completely out.

So why not dissolve it?

That’s exactly what I did. I bought a cheap, plastic spray bottle, filtered some water and grabbed a teaspoon, along with my good ole bicarb soda.


The amount of bicarb soda you put in is up to you, however I suggest for a bottle like mine around 2 tablespoons. Fill your bottle up with water (room temperature water is best) then give it a swirl and let it dissolve completely, once it’s all done you’re ready to go!

2016-05-14 14.01.18_resizedMy trusty solution, completely dissolved.

I spray the solution on my dry scalp before a shower so the dissolved bicarb soda has time to break down the grease on my roots and scalp. Depending on how long I have I leave it in for 5, sometimes up to 20 minutes, but I suggest keeping the solution in for at least 5 minutes, then have shampoo and condition as usual.

It has done my scalp and hair a load of difference. While I have left no-poo for now and gone back to lightening my hair, I do keep this in the bathroom when my hair gets a bit flat.


2tbs Bicarbonate Soda aka Baking Soda
Warm water

Plastic spray bottle (if your bottle is smaller than mine, use less baking soda)
Patience to let the soda dissolve

1. Put baking soda in bottle.
2. Add warm water and swirl around then leave it to dissolve.
3. Spray on roots/scalp and leave on for at least 5 minutes before shampooing as usual.

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