Things I Love: My Fujifilm Instax Mini 8



How cute is this thing?! I know I’m late onto the Instax Mini party bus but I finally have one (thanks, ma!) and because I love photography and cameras so much, I thought I’d give you a little rundown of it right here.

These little beauties are so popular still that my mum, sister and I were buzzing around the mall trying to find the best deal and one in the colours we liked. Even thought I would have cut out my own kidney for a yelling or mint coloured one, I was happy to get the white one with a yummy-looking ice cream-covered carry case – on sale all for $79AUD!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I wanted to quickly cover how to load film as I know a lot of reviews and highlighting posts about the Instax doesn’t actually tell you how to. Film is costly, you don’t want to waste it!



The picture above shows how your film will come when you rip open the cardboard packaging, in a protective plastic cartridge. As you can see repeatedly on the foil, don’t squish it! You will damage the film so it won’t come out separately or effectively take the picture. Just hold it gently or around the edges and you’ll be a-okay.


Like in the slideshow, this is the side that should be facing out as you pop your cartridge in. It will align with the yelling strip on the inside of your camera as well as to rubber bumpers on the inside of the camera door.

Your first will be to remove the casing, so don’t worry if you turn it on, go to shoot someone and they blink or move- think of it as a test shot!

Your manual will have how to use the dial settings to get the best or most creative picture you want. I suggest searching for examples if you have a ‘look’ you want to take. I personally love using High Key on my SLR and compact camera, so I’m sure I’ll find some nice ones to take on my Mini.

I hope this has helped you a bit in making a decision on getting an Instax Mini 8 as a present for yourself or another. There are so many accessories and ways to customise it, as well as a great way of getting back in touch with the beautiful world that is film photography!

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