I’m A Chick – And I Shave My Face

Yep. You heard correctly; I shave my face, but not how you think (note: the picture above).

It’s still taboo territory for women to talk about and have body hair. Heaven forbid we have any- especially on our face! If you’re a guy reading this, I hate to break it to you, women have thick, long hairs and little, fuzzy hairs. I know not all guys are disgusted by this revelation, but it’s still something that reminds me of the saying, “Just because I love a steak doesn’t mean I want to see how it’s made.” You might love the smooth skin on a woman, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you want to bump into them shaving their face in the bathroom. Too bad! You know now so we all might as well get over it and move on.

I hope though that not only does this post help any women who want to give this a try, but also give men some shaving tips, as well as boot this hair taboo!


Makeup Goes On Flawlessly

Gone are the fuzzy makeup muttonchops! No more foundation ‘staches! After I had first shaved my face I applied foundation as usual. Not only was it so much easier, but I wasn’t fighting with stupid little fuzzy hairs! It officially won me over at that point.

I Don’t Get The Reaction From Waxing

I have been saving up for the past few months to get laser hair removal, including a few areas on my face. However with a lot of sudden expenses, I had to delve into those savings.
I’ve previously waxed different areas out of curiosity and last year I found my skin was really hating waxing, to the point where my face was red and rashy for over a day and I would break out in spots. If you shave correctly and with a good razor, however, you shouldn’t have any nicks, rashes, nothing (I should add that this also depends on your skin sensitivity, but seeing as mine has been on the hell-crazed-sensitive side lately and hasn’t had any bad reactions from shaving, it won me).

De-clogs Pores

I noticed that I wasn’t getting as many grumpy spots or blackheads where I was defuzzing on my face, around my ears and neck- and this is apparently why quite a few people do it, especially if they have drier skin. While taking the hair away, it can help take the plug off blackheads, helping to eliminate build up.. or that is the claim, and what I can actually believe to a point. Since I started shaving around my lips, I’ve noticed I haven’t had as many little blackheads. I doubt it will remove any stubborn nose and chin blackheads though.

Moisturiser Feels Better

Not only is it easier to apply moisturiser, but I’ve found that it sinks in a lot faster and I don’t have to use as much product, meaning I’m not left with any shiny film or weird hair-stuck-the-wrong-way feeling. Have you ever tried putting moisturiser on hairy legs? Exactly.

It Feels Damn Good

My skin feels so nice and soft once it’s hairless that sometimes I just idly stroke my cheek like I’m in a moisturiser ad. I’ve also noticed that a lot of the baby hairs on the sides of my face are growing slower (and no, they aren’t growing back thicker or darker- my testosterone levels are fine).


What I Use

First off, I want to say face shaving is for everyone; whether you’re male, female, or in between. Men can use it to clean up their brows (goodbyeeeee monobrow), however I suggest if you are male, a female with high testosterone levels or still transitioning where you can still grow a beard and have thicker hairs, stay with traditional razors (cutthroat or whatever razor you already use).

Okay so, what to use? There are two types of razors, T-shaped and L-shaped. T-shaped is the razor shape we all know today; the razor and guard with the handle coming from the middle, forming a T. These are harder to find for this type of shaving, which is a shame because I prefer it- especially for bigger areas like the sides of the face and neck.

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The well known L-shaped razor, like the very popular Tinkle razor, is completely flat, meaning it must be parallel to the skin. It is easy to angle it incorrectly or press too hard, resulting in nicks and rashes. Don’t let this put this off giving face shaving! If you go slow, gentle and keep the skin taut so there’s no snagging, you will be fine.

How To Shave- Tips For Both Men and Women.

You must prep your skin for effective and hassle-free shaving. This. Is. Vital. You need your skin clean and soft to get the best results.
This is steps for the best close shave-

  1. Cleanse
  2. Buff or Soft Scrub (can be combined with 1.)
  3. Shave time!
  4. Cool water splash (optional)
  5. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!


1- Cleanse.
However you wash your face, you’re going to do that. Rinse with lukewarm water. Not hot. Not cold. You want to soften your skin and open everything up, not scold or make your skin frigid and hard to work with.

2- Buff/ Soft Scrub.
Say it with me, gentle exfoliation. Shaving is going to pull up flakes of skin, so you don’t want to go too rough with the scrubbing, however it will slough off a lot of dry skin so you get a better and closer shave. I suggest a bit of bicarb soda or very fine sugar, however if you have a product with a fine buffing ingredient, go with it. I just add a little bicarb to my cleanser.

3- Shave Time!
Down to business. You’re going to lightly hold the razor close and parallel to the skin, doing small strokes. If you have a T-shaped razor or L-shaped razor with a guard you can take longer strokes, but when first starting, you just want to make sure you have taut skin and just gliding the razor over. You should be going in the direction of the hairs, not against as this will cause ingrown hair.
You can clean your razor with warm water or wipe it with a cloth as you go. Some women like using a shaving oil, or like men, shaving cream. This is entirely up to you. As men should know, they must always shave with some form of lubrication as they have thicker hairs around the lower half of your face, but if you’re shaping your brows, you can use some shaving oil or cream if you’d like to.

4- Cool Or Warm Water Rinse.
This is entirely optional if you’re not using any lubrication on your skin. Some ladies really like doing it to make sure all the cut fuzzies are off their face. Again, no hot or cold water, either warm water again or cool water if you want to start closing your pores.

5- Moisturise Meeeee.
After you’re all smooth, you’ve got to soothe that shocked skin and give it some love. Moisturise with your favourite lotion, gel or cream- the more simple and clean the ingredients, the better (you don’t want anything aggravating that sensitive skin.

Before We Part, A Note On Ingrown hair…
Ingrown facial hair typically happens for men when there’s an accumulation of skin (if you have dry skin, you will get this a lot more no matter what your gender). It’s important that if you have thicker facial hair that you are moisturising but also exfoliating that dry skin away for the hairs to break through in the days after. I don’t have testosterone issues, thus no thicker, male-like hair, so I haven’t had a problem with ingrowns on my face, however if you’re male or a lass with thicker hairs, make sure you do a gentle buff a day or two days after (depending on how fast your hairs grow). If you have sensitive skin, I suggest not scrubbing the day after as this will irritate your skin to the point you might give yourself a delicious-looking rash. At the end of the day, you know your skin best, as long as you go gently, you should be fine!


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