18 Before 30


In seven months, I’ll be turning 30. Proclaiming that will either make you cringe at the ‘old’ person, or if you are over 30 already, eyeroll at a young person sulking about turning another year older.

While half of me believes it is just another number that doesn’t exactly mean anything, there is that part of me that is having a bit of a breakdown at turning 30. I mean, I’m not married or have any romantic partner, I don’t have children, or a career – not even a paying job. If anything, I am constantly sick and whine about it on this blog, and sometimes photograph and act. It’s hardly what I thought my ten year projection was back at 20, and while I know very well that life isn’t a race and I don’t need to get married and have children to be happy, I feel like I would have at least something to show for my life so far.
It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, so I thought I’d make myself a “Before 30” List. It’s like a timed goal or bucket list. I have seven months to do the things on the list and, hopefully, when it gets to my 30th birthday I’ll feel happy to embrace a new time of life.

Elle’s Before 30 List!

  • Be walking or dancing a few times a week for exercise.
  • Take a class. Painting, martial arts, anything.
  • Be meditating everyday.
  • Get one photography project done.
  • Get a filming project done.
  • Practice make up techniques, including SFX.
  • Be on the way to financial security.
  • Learn the guitar!
  • Read more books.
  • Watch more movies.
  • Take more pictures.
  • Practice yoga.
  • Kick the sugar habit.
  • Start investing in retirement (I’m not old yet but before I know it I will be retiring age with no money).
  • Practice newer Photoshop.
  • Purge possessions. Moving again soon so it needs to happen!
  • Finally get my herb garden!
  • Create music.


So that’s mine! Put in place good habits for my body and my creativity to set up my future. Do you have one set up for your next birthday or to complete before your next birthday?

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