90s Products I Miss

Ahhhh, the 90s. It was different for everyone. For me, it was a great time of crushed velvet and purple lipstick with questionable hairstyles. I am a quintessential 90s kid and like every single one of my kind out there, I miss the 90s. Some things weren’t great, but personally for me it was a great time… maybe excluding the time I crimped all of my hair after having it braided and went to school with an Ala Electrocuted Look. A learning experience, I must say.

Hair Clip/Claws


These are the best hair invention. I have some that I take diligent care of because there’s only one place I can find them right now. Although they’re still around I wish I could find them easier! They’re great for stressed, thin hair because you don’t have to put strain on your hair but can still have it tied back. Friends with thick, curly hair can even use them.

And no, I’m not talking about these useless pieces of crap-


these crappy clamps are narrow and don’t clamp enough hair, and they feel really tight and uncomfortable against the back of the head. I know, I’m being really picky, but if I’m telling you what I really love I have to tell you what ones to stay away from if you are thinking of purchasing any. Wide, squashed-looking ones = yes!


Banana Clips


This is an accessory I’m sure isn’t around anywhere as I haven’t come across one in years, and showing a picture to some younger friends of mine has warranted a lot of puzzled looks. One end of the clip opened and with a scooping motion it would gather the hair up and you would fasten it at the top. It gave this mohawky look that I loved and kept hair out of the way. My mum would style mine and her own hair so we even had a quiff (or pompadour) up top! Again it was an easy, fun and fun way to have your hair out of your face.


Caboodle Box/ DIY Makeup Box


I know, there are 1000s of makeup cases online and in stores, all different colours and sizes, but there was something about the Caboodle makeup box that I miss. Maybe it’s because everyone that was fortunate to have one (I don’t remember many people having one here) would customise them with different stickers or drawings.
If you didn’t have one you had-drumrooooolllllll- a tackle box! Yes, a fish tackle box! I actually have one now that I put all different stickers on. If you think that’s silly, well, it basically was and still is a great cheap option that you can purchase anywhere- and they stow loads of products inside.


Old Herbal Essences


Some of you might remember the sexually suggestive “Yes! YeS! YES!” ads of yesteryear more than the fragrance of the old Herbal Essences. Between the cringeworthy yet amusing ads and the smell, I really miss how Herbal Essences used to be, especially since they did a really damn good job at cleansing your hair- and it always had the bouncy feeling to it when dry! Herbal now might have different scents for different hair issues, all in cute little bottles, but they kind of look like everything else on the shelves and that’s kind of… boring.


Hook Leggings/Stirrups

Okay, look. Look. To younger people these days, these might look stupid. They might look stupid to the kids old enough that wore them in the 90s. But honestly, when it came to wearing boots these were gold. Sure, horseriding friends gave you flack and, sure, if you didn’t get the right size you walked like a marionette, but damn, I loved them!


Impulse Body Spray

Before every celebrity put their name on everything they could including fragrances, girls from 9 and up had their first taste of perfume in the shape of Impulse body spray. Impulse had a spray for every girl to have their unique scent. I remember my friends and I had all different scents (I miss you ID, my silver-canned beauty!!) that were a part of our own individuality. They actually became part of our identity at such a young age. Unfortunately the range of Impulse sprays around today are scents I can’t stand and are nothing compared to the scents from not-that-long ago. With that said I would literally sell an organ for the chance to see ID, SCi, O2, AiR, Solar, Alive and others on the shelves again, even as a promotional sale..

but there’s one item I missed the most, it’s the next product. It’s a product that people have created online petitions and articles to bring it back, so I’m not alone..


Spice Girls Impulse Perfume


The holy grail, the unicorn, the white horse. The Spice Girls Impulse perfume. Holy shit. If I would sell an organ for retro Impulse sprays to come back, I would sell my legs and my left arm for a bulk pack of Spice Girls Impulse. I need to keep an arm so I could spray it on myself still.
This spray was everyone’s weakness. I knew no girl who didn’t have it or wanted it, even my guy friend’s loved it. Girl-fucking-power! This deodorant united us, and we all smelt damn good. Impulse, if you’re ready, bring this deodorant back! I need at least 30 cans of this now. NOW. DO IT. PLEASE.


Shia-LaBeouf-just-do-it (1)

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