Scrub Up For Summer: My Favourite Face Scrubs


Well, summer is around the corner in Ozland, so that means I come out of my woolly mammoth hibernation chamber, grab the scrubs and get to weed-whacking my body for the hotter warmer sometimes just ball-crushingly hot days ahead. I know summer has ended in the northern hemisphere, so I’ll be doing a follow-up post with my favourite body lotions to get you through winter.
For now, let’s talk scrubs!


I’m a real lover of scrubs. There’s nothing better than stepping out of a shower after buffing your face and body, feeling like a snake emerging out of it’s old skin… I should have used a better analogy.. a butterfly. Yeah, a butterfly. It’s a little slice of heaven. So having a product that really does the job saves a lot of time and money and here are some of my favourite face and body products I want to show you.



First up there’s the exfoliating wipes from a UK brand, Simple, who keep their packaging and their ingredients .. simple! It’s very popular among people with dermatological issues or just sensitive skin. I found these to be really cheap and great for when I’m just on the go. Since the wipes are quite gentle, it’s easy for every day (or second day) use.



A step up from the Simple wipes would have to be a product I’ve already yammered on about, First Aid Beauty’s Facial Radiance Pads. They really are amazing. While Simple’s wipes are good for on-the-go use, these are better used after you’ve washed your face. Still great for sensitive skin, it packs a whollop to help clear your skin.


My love. If there’s a scrub I constantly go back to it is Origins Modern Friction and I’ll tell you exactly why. First, the ingredients. Rose water, cucumber, lemon, bitter orange, basil and bergamot oils along with the star ingredient, rice staaaaarch! I’m making happy little moany-groany sounds as I say it. Not only does it have rice grains to buff the skin but rice starch pulls everything up and keeps from making a mess like other scrubs. Thanks, starch! It’s actually been used by different Asian countries as part women’s skin care regime for a long time. If Asian lasses swear by it I’ll definitely give it a go, and it’s this starch that really makes Modern Friction one of Origins top-selling products.

The only drawback is that because it has lemon in it and if you put it too close to your eyes… you won’t have a fun time, but it’s easy to wash out or apply eyedrops. Simple? Simple *insert meerkat chirp*


various types of sugar

I was trying to think of what body scrub products to mention and to be honest, I haven’t tried many, but there are two ingredients that are always used – coffee and course sugar. Any course sugar -like brown or raw sugar- is great for a bigger skin surface that isn’t sensitive like the face. It can take it. Besides, it’s natural, cheap and you can make your own scrubs! I have plenty and hope in the coming months to make a library of DIY beauty stuffs.
As long as you have a buffing ingredient and something to hold it together while buffing (you don’t want to scoop it out then it all just fall on the ground before you’ve had a chance to scrub your skin) you’re good to go.


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