Review: Milky Foot vs Baby Foot Part 2

I’m sorry I made this into a two-parter, I didn’t want to make you wait any longer for a new post so I decided two posts were best!


Last time I gave the run-down on what ingredients were in both the Milky Foot and Baby Foot, as well as some prep hints and my fugly feet wrapped up in the plastic socks. Now, a few days have passed and you can see the.. how can I describe it? Thinly-shredded parmesan? That works.

I knew from watching and reading numerous reviews that it might take longer for my feet to start peeling since I’m usually holed up in an air-conditioned environment with cool tiles. So every day I would give my feet a little soak in the bath with warm water, along with my regular showers. I think it really helped because even though I expected nothing until around day 3/4, at the end of day 3


Fair warning. Don’t.. eat-




The monstrosity known as my right foot, brought to you by Baby Foot.




The monstrosity known as my left foot, brought to you by Milky Foot.


I warned you.


I was quite surprised to see they seemed to have started lifting skin at around the same time. You can see how the hard, calloused areas are being pulled up and looking chalky, while the fresh skin underneath is smooth-looking and not irritated at all. I did keep peeling to a minimum and just let it do it’s thing while my handy-dandy evil assistant shuddered in the corner.

Speaking of my evil assistant, she also trialled it with me the day after I started. It was a great way to see not only how it worked on someone else but if progress started around the same time. Sure enough, the day after I started transforming into a snake, her feel also started their shedding.

I still continued soaking my feet and kept breathable ankle socks on around the house (ohhhhh and trust me, skin gets everywhere. Your carpets look like a blizzard has come in).


Day 4 and 5

Around this mark it was imperative I wore socks most of the time because any sweeping or vacuuming was a waste.

Below are pictures of my right foot (Baby Foot) and my left foot (Milky Foot)-



If you’re wondering at this point if any of this was uncomfortable, it wasn’t. You can’t feel any of the peeling and even the skin emerging from the depths of hell didn’t feel sensitive. I think it’s just grateful to finally be out in the open.

However, that day was a bit of a hot one so the air-con was dialled low. I decided to give my feet an extra long soak in the tub and gave it the most gentle (read: gentle) buffs with my soft washcloth to help it along. If you don’t have a soft washcloth or your skin does feel sensitive, just move your fingers in circular motions over the skin.

You know, I loved the Ninja Turtles growing up, but I didn’t know I HAD SHREDDER ON MY FEET-



















If I didn’t have to wear socks that morning, I sure as shit had to now! As you can no doubt see, Milky Foot (my shredded cheese left foot) was a lot more willing to shed itself free. My evil assistant did bring up a valid point (while on the floor in the kitchen, peeling away top layers of her own skin) that while the Milky Foot is peeling skin away quickly, it looks like it’s the top layer or two. The Baby Foot, however, could be taking longer because it’s penetrating more layers, but this is just a speculation. We’ll still be keeping an eye on our progress as peeling can continue for up to two weeks, so there’s still a week of shedding that could happen.

As I’m writing this it’s been seven days since putting the gel socks on. Right now most of the visible shedding from under my feet is gone while around the sides of my feet and in between my toes/around my toenails is where the peeling has stopped. There’s no peeling on top of my feet although they are looking a bit dry, so I think I’ll give them their daily soak then moisturise them. So far it looks like they started peeling around the same time and at the same rate, however, I feel like the Milky Foot is shedding skin a lot faster. As I said earlier we aren’t sure if that’s because it’s only taking the top layer or two of skin while the Baby Foot is penetrating more layers, but it’s something we’ll update you on.

For now, I’m staying away from grated cheeses.



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