Whyyyyyyyy??!: [Beauty] Products I Regret Buying


Ah, regrets. Regrets are hard, especially when you’re such a Planner McOrganiseranal like me and try to have every little thing predicted or perfect. My spontaneous splurges are rare, and when I do buy something, I’ve done a background investigation on it- even then I’ll probably still regret it!
Yet no matter now much you might try to see if something is right for you, you’ll never know until you do try it. Or try it again for good measure. It might be after even the sixth time you find something just isn’t working for you, and that’s where I am with these products.

To triple-check how I felt about these products and how they ‘performed’, I tried them at the last moment before editing and posting. My final notes will be in bullet point – even my handy-dandy evil assistant will be trialling them as well to see how they go for her (they’ll be added tomorrow in italics).



NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat powder foundation

NYX is a fantastic brand that demonstrates how quality can be at a lower price than other bands delivering the similar product. However, even NYX can have some hiccups- not everything is going to work well for everyone. I did hear quite a few good things about their Stay Matte But Not Flat powder, though, so I thought I’d give it a go.
Sadly it was just… meh for me. It was a little resistant to my oily areas and any drier areas were pronounced (including flaky areas).
Even though it was quite a fine powder, it still managed to cake around the pores of my cheeks.
All in all, it just wasn’t great with or without makeup. It didn’t even feel like I was using an NYX product.




Nude By Nature Liquid Mineral Foundation

Talking badly about Nude By Nature feels like a kick in the imaginary nuts to me. Nude By Nature is an Australian brand known for their mineral powder foundation but after a little packaging refresher and line expansion, they’re everywhere!

Why it feels like a kick in those imaginary nuts is because their ingredients are incredible.. and I think that’s the downfall for a liquid foundation. While natural ingredients can be ground finely and used as a powder foundation, trying to make that into a foundation that acts as a foundation (i.e. buildable, conceals and evens skin tone, most of the things you look for in a foundation) never really works.
I found it lightweight on the skin yet it shifts, and if you touch your skin it comes off immediately. Any skin issues aren’t covered- in fact, if you don’t have clear, “normal” skin, it’s a waste of a product.
I tried using my fingers, sponges and brushes- all of them made it obvious I had something on my face, with sponges being the easiest way to apply.
It felt like I bought a bottle of .. nothing. That’s why this feels like a kick in the nuts; I’m shitting all over a product by a brand doing an amazing thing, however, it’s such a limited product that might do something for someone with no skin concerns.

Les Merveilleuses Laduree pressed powder

This is probably the product I regret the most. My mum asked me if there was anything I would like back from her holiday in Hong Kong and I asked if her for anything from Les Merveilleuses Ladurée. Sadly they have no stores here in Australia, the closest being in Singapore, then Hong Kong.

I mean, look how beautiful the counter looks-



I mean, look how incredibly beautiful it looks. It makes me sick. So sick I want it all. I wanT TO BE A PRETTY GIRL!


Every piece of packaging and product oozes that delicate French artistry that makes it look like little pieces of art. What’s not to love?

With a really great idea of what I wanted, my stepdad and mum returned from their vacation with a very pretty surprise of their Glossy Rouge lipstick and their pressed powder. The lipstick is lovely and will possibly show it off another time, but we’re here to talk about the powder.
I can’t tell you how crushingly disappointed I was in the powder. It looked and acted like straight talcum powder; it filled my pores and made them look like little white dots all over my cheeks and t-zone. I trialled it by itself, with tinted moisturiser, different foundations in different shades, yet no matter how pale I made myself it was so obvious I had an unnatural coloured powder on my face. I kept it for months, trying it again and again until I had had it for almost two years and only dared to wear it out only once. I had to come to terms with the fact it wasn’t good. I have tried asking my mum constantly how much it cost and she still won’t tell me (now she says she’s forgotten) and I think that’s what makes me more disappointed – and I know it’s expensive!
I visited their site and haven’t found that pressed powder up anywhere, which tells me it was discontinued at some point over the past few years. I hope it’s because they are or have redone it.

Would I try their products again? 1000% absolutely. Would I try their pressed powder if it was improved and brought back? Yes.



Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder AND liquid mousse foundation

I don’t feel happy in the slightest to post two Rimmel items because I really do like Rimmel products, but love hurts.
First, is the Stay Matte pressed powder in Transparent:

+ Does look quite chalky if too much is applied, which is quite easy to do.
+ Better pressed into pores, not buffed or brushed on.
+ Emphasises any dry skin, so only for oily/shiny areas.

Observations with the Stay Matte liquid mousse foundation in Fair Ivory:

+ Definitely full coverage.
+ Do not use with the Stay Matte powder. Actually, don’t use it with any powder because it’ll just make your foundation look cakey and emphasise pores.
+ Does shift around on skin, even after time to dry or ‘set’.





Bourjois Ultra Black Volumizer mascara

Bourjois is one of those brands that I become really excited about going to when I zoom into Priceline. However, the Ultra Black Volumiz/ser left me with tears in my eyes- literally. I was initially excited that I was basically getting a two-for-one mascara, with the first one working as a thickening brush, while the denser second brush made lashes longer. Thickness + length = volume everywhereeeee!
My beef wasn’t and isn’t with the brushes or the design; it’s with the formula. Firstly, the product was just too thick and was prone to clumping. Constantly. It’s actually the main reason why it receives low reviews. However, that is not why it’s on the list. Granted, I chucked this out before I photographed the ingredients or anything, so I can’t remember exactly what was in it, but something made my eyes watery and red. Not just once or twice. Every time I used this mascara. Sometimes my eyes would start watering after I’ve left the house, but most of the time it was within minutes of applying.


I haven’t enjoyed making this list, but I do feel like it’s a necessary post I must make once in a while where consumers might want to take what I have into consideration before buying one of these products. I also think it’s great for the companies to identify issues with their products and improve on them. Now let’s hold hands and sing- ahhhhhhhh

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