Follow Up: Milky Foot vs Baby Foot


It’s been over two weeks now since my evil assistant and I shed our foot skin away with the help of Milky Foot and Baby Foot, so I thought we’d give an update on how our feet are now, our thoughts on both products and if one has worked better than the other.

Firstly, I want to say like everything I review and highlight on this little, weird heap of a blog, that these opinions are mine or ours (if my assistant is helping me) and we put them through different conditions to see if a product really holds up. More importantly, neither of us are getting paid for any of these products- I bought them out of my own pocket.
If any products are given to us in the future we will always let you know.



Both products come to the exact same price for Australians; with the Baby Foot Australia site having them at $29.95 and sometimes on sale (last sale they were available around $23-24). Milky Foot has an RRP of $29.95 at it’s most popular stockist, Chemist Warehouse, which has them on sale regularly (at the time of writing they actually have the regular ‘Feet’ products on sale for $18.99 and Active at $19.99).

With both products being at the same price-point, there’s no point in discussing trying to get them on other sites (unless they’re on sale on other sites, which I haven’t found). I have searched for Baby Foot on eBay and found a lot of ‘inspired’ products, but for the genuine Baby Foot shipped from the US -where it’s incredibly popular, thanks to YouTube reviews- the price can easily double. This is only applying to people like us that live outside of the States, though.
However, if you live outside of Australia and want to purchase Milky Foot, it might be a bit challenging. Right now I can only suggest trying to search on eBay as I doubt Chemist Warehouse or any other chemist will ship internationally.



We’ve been over the ingredients in a previous post but I believe it should be brought up in this follow-up review. While both have plenty of great ingredients – even some of the same – I found some ingredients in the Baby Foot unnecessary (mainly the perfume). Even the addition of anti-fungal agents and additives are great to help the shelf longevity and integrity of the ingredients, but I found Milky Foot’s more simple and logical.



The big one! I was very surprised with how both the Baby and Milky Foots’..feets…Foot’s worked. I was more surprised by the Milky Foot as I believed Milky Foot wouldn’t do anything. I’m glad I tested it and had my foot swiftly shoved in my mouth (pun not intended). I mean, my feet were in bad shape.. actually, I’m going to say they were worse than most people’s that would want to try these products.

Some points about Baby Foot:

– I had so much faith in the Milky Foot not working that I put the Baby Foot on my right foot which has two plantar wart scars (nice, I know) and a lot of calloused skin around them (are you throwing up yet? I hope not, we just started).
– Started peeling at the same time as Milky Foot.
– Skin mostly came off in little flakes as opposed to bigger pieces.
– Seemed to slow down in ‘shedding’.
– A little bit of flaking on top of feet that finished mostly around the sides. Has left a rougher feel on the top of the foot.
– The ‘deeper layers‘ theory the evil assistant and I were pondering didn’t happen.

Some points about Milky Foot:

– Started peeling at the same time as Baby Foot.
– Skin came off in bigger pieces so was over faster than Milky Foot.
– Flaking on top of the feet that finished mostly around the sides.
– Left a more ‘smoother skin’ feel.

I still have quite a bit of calloused skin I would like to come off, but both products had a lot to get through in terms of how much built-up dead skin I did have.


Final Thoughts

Both products were really put to the rest when they met my feet. I was incredibly realistic in knowing that other than just completely grating the dead skin, nothing would take it all off. However, I was very surprised with how much both took off! I think both of these products do a really good job and I recommend them if you find one while out and about or browsing online.

In terms of the best out of the two, it’s definitely Milky Foot for me. The price and convenience of getting it in store and usually on sale put it in the lead, but it’s how well it did on my feet that really seals the deal.
My handy-dandy evil assistant also believes Milky Foot was the better choice for her feet for similar reasons. She found it came off in bigger pieces which made the process faster and her dungeon floor not as dirty.

So, there you have it! Two opinions about two feet peels and, wow, hasn’t it been a journey!
If you have any questions, you can leave us a comment on any of our social media pages and the evil assistant will now be helping me on all of them! I know, I have been terrible at trying to figure out everything by myself and have also never noticed people leaving comments here on the blog, so I – or we!- will get back to everyone!

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