Wrap Up For Winter!: My Favourite Moisturisers

This post was going to be done at the start of November last year to coincide with Northern Hemisphere winter and the Summer scrubs post for us Southern Hemisphere folk, buuut it didn’t happen and now we’re here. I think it’ll be good to post now as summer here SHOULD be dying down soon and winter for the northern bunnies should eventually end. Yep, it’s March and all of us have unprecedented, fucked up weather.

Enough of that, let’s all cuddle because there’s nothing like wrapping up in winter, right? What’s even better is wrapping up and not feeling like an itching snake (no offence to the snakes reading this). Or having such dry skin your dead skin clings to sheets and clothing. Yum-yum. So let’s get our favourite tea, snort the last of the pumpkin spice we have up, stop the jibber-jabber and get onto some of my favourite face and body moisturisers for winter.

MOR Candied Vanilla hand and body lotion


£(Unable to find a price online however it is available in the UK)

Don’t quote me but I think the first time I smelt this in store I did a “gUH”-like sound that scared not only myself but everyone around me. It smells so damn good and is a light lotion, great for areas where you don’t need as much moisture but still keeps your soft thanks to the macadamia and jojoba oils. Please don’t eat yourself. At least if you do, give me the rest of your bottle.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with vitamin E



The most affordable and readily available product on my list is definitely Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula range. With it’s delicious, fapworthy scent and buttery feeling on the skin, it comes in different varieties, but I really like the one with vitamin E added (a thumbs-up product to heal scars, etc.).
Depending on how you feel about mineral oil, though, it might be a thumbs up or down product for you. However, Palmer’s are cruelty-free, as well as on the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF), Global Shea Alliance (GSA) and is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.
Low price, high ethics and with a social responsibility. I just might be turned on.


Cake Beauty Delectable triple moisture body lotion in lemon and cream


AUD (Unavailable in Aus anymore from what I know)
US$14 (It’s also a Canadian brand and comes in at CAD$14)
£(Unavailable in the UK from what I know)

My awesome, lovely friend (who is basically my wife-friend) left her Cake Beauty lemon and cream lotion here when she came to visit me last year and it smells like a dream. It actually has lemon peel extract in it! It’s incredibly lightweight but includes an awesome mix of coconut oil, shea butter and aloe vera, which also makes a little go a long way. Have I mentioned the scent yet?

Speaking of lotions you want to eat..


Philosophy Fresh Cream body lotion


AUD (I know that Philosophy is sold at David Jones, however I couldn’t find the product on their site anymore)
US$17 for 7 oz, $40 for 32 oz
£18 for 7 oz

Do you ever smell something and just want to squeeze the tube into your mouth? This is what this lotion almost possessed me to do (I mean, not almost, because that would be weird and I am definitely a normal human being). Philosophy’s Fresh Cream range smells so damn good, I’m sure we’d all be screwed wearing it during a zombie apocalypse. Keep in mind though that like the Cake lotion, lotions are much more lightweight and for normal-to- slightly dry skin.


Lush Sympathy For The Skin


£6.25 for 100g, £12.50 for 240g

This week I found a sample pot of Sympathy For The Skin and decided to give it a try on some lovely, fresh stretch marks (fuckin’ wahoo). Even though it was in a tiny pot it went a long way. It’s a little thicker than the previous lotions mentioned and the scent is so nice, even I like the light banana-vanilla scent. I can’t say it started healing my stretch marks because it was only a little bit I was given, however it felt really nice on and revitalised my dry hands.


You ready to quench your face?



First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream



Ah, my love, we meet again. I’ve talked about FAB’s Radiance Pads before, but I haven’t given any love to one of my favourite moisturisers. FAB’s Ultra Repair cream is such a light consistency for what you might consider an ‘ultra’ product, but it actually does the job really well, with no irritants, gross scents or oily residue. It’s my go-to cream when I travel, especially on long-haul flights because it does the job without me looking really shiny. It’s also a perfect product before makeup as, again, it doesn’t leave the skin looking shiny.

NOTE: While re-researching the ingredients, I found that First Aid Beauty has stated in their updated 2017 policy that they “cannot with 100% certainty guarantee that an ingredient is not tested on animals“, as CrueltyFreeKitty.com found out. To put it simply, before they were able to state that the ingredients FAB manufacturer’s sourced for their products were untested, but recently they weren’t able to get that a concete guarantee. If you were attracted to FAB because they could assure their manufacturer’s ingredients as cruelty-free, you might feel more comfortable finding another brand.



Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream


AUD$39-$71, depending on size

If First Aid Beauty’s cream is a bit too light for you, a great alternative is Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. Yep, it’s ultra too. It’s a little bit thicker still without being greasy, great for noticeably drier areas around the face. This sucker got my dad and me through two dry winters… I mean, they weren’t Greenland winters, but still.



Dermaveen Eczema cream


US$ (Unavailable in the US from what I know)
£(Unavailable in the UK from what I know)

I’ve talked about Dermaveen before when I suddenly had a lovely form of dermatitis but I thought it was good to mention as, during colder months, even someone with no history of eczema or dermatitis might find it incredibly beneficial to combat dry skin. It’s not suffocatingly thick and has no irritants. Always a great one to have in the bathroom.



Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream


AUD$52+ for 60ml jar/ 22 for test mini set
US$35+/ $16 mini
£35/ $12 mini

I’m actually currently using this on cooler days (read: not over 28 degrees in “autumn” weather) and I love it. The smell is just delicious and it’s really comfortable, keeping drier areas of my face hydrated and looking quite dewy and fresh. Aside from vanilla, it has manuka honey (20+) and rosehip oil which is high in essential fatty acids, giving skin moisture and acting as a little protective barrier.


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