Inside My Bag: Actor’s Edition



There’s something strange but really fun about peeking into other people’s bags. Some are packed with receipts and old to-do lists (The Evil Assistant), other’s are organised to the nines (my grandma), some are so damn huge yet only house sunglasses and a wallet.
While I don’t just go snooping in other people’s bags, I do like “What’s in my bag” posts, although most of the time they’re just the usual crap in there. That’s why I decided to make the first Inside My Bag one that can be helpful to any modern performer, not just actors.

Some things are pretty obvious while some are overlooked and can be a lifesaver when you’re running to an audition. I’ve kept this list pretty unisex, however, if you think there’s something missing (mascara etc) that you always want to have, remember to put it in your little tool bag or whatever you want to house everything in your car.


Honey drops/Throat coat
Goes without saying, doesn’t it? However if you’re singing or doing a play full of monologues, or just feeling a scratch in your throat while going to auditions, I recommend staying away from store-bought lozenges as they have sugar as their main ingredient and less of the honey. Pinterest has loads of easy drops you can make yourself.
Spare shirt
Wrinkle spray starch
That spare shirt or even the one you’re wearing will thank you for it.
Lint Roller
Floss sticks/Wisps

Scent-free deodorant
Don’t be a dick and spray amongst fellow actors. Excuse yourself and spray if you need to and never use perfume or any scent. It’s obnoxious and you don’t know if the people you’re auditioning for are prone to sensitivities like sneezing or migraines.
Nail polish remover
If you can remember cleaning up your nails before leaving your house it’s much better (have you spilt remover over resumes or scripts? Yeah, you don’t want to deal with that). However if you can find nail polish remover in individual wipes, they are so handy to have.
Safety pins
Granola or any snack
Resume printouts
Remember to keep them in a case or folder so they don’t get crummy and creased!
USB with photos, showreel and resumes
Business cards
I know the area I live doesn’t really do actor business cards as a self-promoting point, so it helps to check your area to see if it’s a necessity or not.
Affirming quotes
This might sound silly but self-doubt can really kill any confidence you had. Again, you can keep a folder on your phone or a secret board on good ole Pinterest.
Bobby pins
Dry shampoo
Doesn’t matter if your hair is nice and clean, dry shampoo is also great at giving roots some lift.
There you go! It looks like any job interview kit but that’s what auditioning is. Remember to keep everything in a makeup bag, pouch, whatever you wish in a cool, dry area of your car or close to your front door if you use public transportation. So, from moi, good luck!

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