Review: Keeko Oil Pulling Sachet



We’re back! I hope you haven’t missed us too much (if you’re on Twitter, you might be sick of us and our Eurovision live-tweeting). We were going to update and move the site to its first .com site, however we’re holding off on that until later in the year.

While we’ve been away though, we’ve had time to try out oil pulling ‘toothpaste’ by Keeko!


I saw these on the Afterpay site months ago and they kept tickling my fancy. I used to brush my teeth with coconut oil but have recently switched to a fluoride-free toothpaste sweetened with xylitol.
Now before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s rewind a bit and start with oil pulling.


What The Hell is “Oil Pulling”?

Oil pulling or oil swishing is something I already regret trying to explain because I’m sure someone will see this and complain I have missed something. The practice is a part of Ayurveda from India.. aand I’m just going to keep it there for now. Maybe we’ll come back to this discussion some time. Maybe. Honestly people (usually white, 20-30 year old females) will try to school me on this and to wade through the amount of bullshit that’s out there covering this topic vs. any time of proven science will take us way too long for what’s supposed to be a review.

I have ‘pulled’ before when I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism. It was suggested to me that I should get away from fluoride, so I ditched the usual toothpaste and landed into the world of oil pulling. To tell the truth, I did like it. The coconut oil I used still had the scent so it made it palatable. I never ‘swished’ it around for the recommended 20 minutes because I couldn’t stand the massive buildup of saliva taking up rent in my mouth with questionable-looking white stuff. Not my jam. So I just used to scoop a bit of oil onto my brush, brush normally then spit the questionable-looking white stuff into a bin (you don’t want a clogged drain, trust me).
Did it magically remedy all of my ailments, including toxins and other shit that people take completely out of context? No. However I did notice my gingivitis was a bit calmer and I didn’t have as much plaque buildup.. actually, I didn’t really have any. I don’t know if that was the oil’s doing or not, but I stayed with it, either way.
Things To Consider Before Trying

If you’ve never done any sort of oil-pulling-swishing thing before, it’s a little to get used to. You’re refraining from swallowing oil down or make it come out of your nose. It’s also a strange texture to get used to. Start with a little on your toothbrush and work up.

The Product

The initial thing that attracted me to Keeko was the handy little sachets. No mess! No digging into jars! Then I saw they came in three cool flavours! So I popped my order in for “The Party Mix” that has all the flavours, informed The Evil Assistant that we were going to be trying some oil pulling sachets, and waited until they arrived.


The Ingredients


As you can see, all three flavours have the base ingredients of cold-pressed coconut oil, lemon peel oil, chamomile flower oil, myrrh oil and limonene. Coconut oil is the preferred oil for pulling for it’s ‘antibacterialness’, as is lemon and myrrh. I’m really happy and impressed with seeing myrrh oil in the ingredients as it’s very popular in the middle east and northern Africa as an anti-inflammatory, used for all types of mouth issues.
At the end of the ingredients for all of the flavours is limonene – derived from citrus fruit peels – which is used in a lot of things as a degreasing agent in orange oil (yes, Orange Oil cleaner) but it’s also used as flavouring in chewing gum and other foods – or, yanno – foot peels. With lemon peel oil already higher up in the ingredients list, I can only speculate that limonene is added for flavour and possibly to keep the coconut oil from leaving an oily residue in the mouth? I have no idea.



The convenient little sachets are so handy and clean! I love that they have a ‘party mix’ so you don’t get sick of a flavour. I am a big mint maniac so I really loved the Morning Mint, but I really liked the Citrus Burst too. Sweet Sensation with vanilla sounds so nice but seeing cinnamon (flavouring, so no burning!) in the ingredients initially made me cringe, I hate cinnamon gum, toothpaste, mouthwash, but it wasn’t bad at all. In fact, it didn’t really taste like vanilla and cinnamon to me, it tasted like a hint of cherry. Yeah, I don’t know how I got cherry from vanilla and cinnamon but it was actually really pleasant.
I enjoyed all of the flavours and the handiness of the sachets, but I didn’t like how much product was in the sachets. For me I thought it was too much, however for someone who is devoted to oil-pulling, it’s around the recommended  ‘dose’ of oil. It just seems to produce so much fricken saliva in my mouth that it became unbearable to go the full 10-20 minutes of swishing. I quickly realised that squeezing the middle to separate the product into two portions and cutting it (effectively making two smaller portions of one) made it much easier to swish around.
The other thing I had an issue with was the weird, slightly sour-y aftertaste I had in my mouth after using the complete sachet, but after cutting down the portions I didn’t have this issue.
*sigh* Which leaves me with my main gripe – the cost. The two issues I had above are easily remedied and might not even be issues with other people but then it comes to the price of AU$39 for 14 sachets. Even if you’re cutting it in half, that’s still just shy of a month’s worth, plus you still need to buy ordinary toothpaste to clean your teeth afterwards. That’s steep.
Don’t get me wrong, for a lot of people – especially devout oil pullers – this is an innovative product that you don’t find anywhere else, but I personally cannot fathom spending that much regularly. On tooth oil.
Now I use a sachet once or twice a week when I want something different.. but I doubt I will be buying this on a regular basis.

So while I’m conflicted about this, if you would like to try it for yourself, head on over to Keeko’s website.


Last Momentos

  1. If you’ve never tried oil pulling before, try using coconut oil by itself as your toothpaste. It’s better spending $8 on a jar of coconut oil that you can use for heaps of other things than buying $30+ product you might not like.
  2. If you get the weird aftertaste in the back of your throat and you can’t stand it, spit the oil out and go straight to brushing.
  3. Always brush your teeth afterwards to dislodge particles and completely eliminate gunk from your teeth, gums and tongue. Trust me, you don’t want to skip it.

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