Review: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Lolita



Once again I’m late on the Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick bandwagon but I know this is a very popular lipstick that has gone through different re-formulations, so I thought it would be helpful to post about it.
To be honest, I wasn’t sure I had the right lipstick, but I had bought it in a gift set from Sephora so it had to not only be real but had the correct labelling. That’s where I did some digging and found out that Lolita has gone through a few re-formulations, as you can see here-


This photo is via DupeThat and solely for illustrative purposes, please go to DupeThat’s blog for more info.


Finding this out made a huge difference for me because I wouldn’t have bought that first formulation but the second one (aka the one I have) is definitely a colour I’d have. It seems that the second formulation is “Lolita (1)” while the third is “Lolita II (2)”. As far as I can see the first formulation is inactive, meaning it isn’t part of the line as Lolita or any other shade. If I’m wrong about this please let me know!



So let’s start with some background. If you don’t know where Kat Von D rocked up from, she first starred on Miami Ink tv show, where she garnered a lot of praise being an incredibly talented tattoo artist that specialised in portrait tattoos, which gave her her own tv show, LA Ink, at her Hollywood studio. Aside from her talent, she is also known for her very unique tattoos and makeup looks and -ta daaa- is where we are right now, talking about her incredibly popular makeup line.
Kat Von D is known not only for having well-priced and pigmented products that actually do their job, but also for being free of animal derived ingredients and animal testing. That’s pretty huge for a well-known brand to deliver on pigment payoff, performance AND no animal-derived ingredients.

Now, the goods. I said before that Lolita has gone through different formulations and this is a review (if I can make my ass through this post) of Lolita (1).
Sephora has it described as “chestnut rose”, which I think is a pretty accurate description of the shade and depending on the colour of your lips, either the pink or the brown will come out a bit more.



The Evil Assistant and I tested it over a day; she double-coated and went out for lunch, talking about world domination or whatever she talks about, which I kept to more of a single coat and stayed home like the loner I am.
Evil Assistant found it stayed on pretty well with only a little bit of fading on the inside of the lips (but hey, having food, drinks, talking, consuming the flesh of others would do that) and mine was perfect all day. We both admired how it didn’t feel sticky when drying or ball up on the lips, both being common issues when it comes to matte lipsticks. We didn’t find it dried out lips out to look like prunes as well, nor did we have skin peeling off.
I layered some lipgloss on over the top and found it’s a really awesome base to make new colours and still stays on really well, so even if you do get drier lips and want to put lip balm over the top, it won’t all be rubbing off onto the stick.

For a colour I had no choice in receiving, I think it’s one I would have picked anyway. It’s a great colour that would suit a lot of skin tones and shades, which I’m sure that’s why it’s so popular.
For $27 dollars, The Evil Assistant finds it a bit too much for her ‘cheapness’, however, she does like the formulation. On the other hand, if I found a colour I would use quite regularly I would pay the full price.


Some dupes?

TheBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Hughes in Committed
MAC matte lipstick in Whirl


AU $27
US $20
£ 27

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