Review: Silicone Gel Makeup Sponge Thing



I don’t know about you but it seems like every beauty video on Instagram is becoming more and more ridiculous under clickbait or some incredibly fucking stupid way to put makeup on. At first I wasn’t sure if it’s to be the next trendsetter, but now I’m absolutely positive it’s just for the clicks.

However, there have been two trends I’ve been curious about: silicone makeup application sponges and new ‘mermaid’ brushes. The brushes we’ll come back to this week, for now, I’m looking at the sponge I bought recently.

It wasn’t that long ago I found Evie blender’s Indiegogo campaign and was really interested in everything about it (I was actually going to buy one for both The Evil Assistant and myself but.. I.. I forgot.. again).

While I don’t have the Evie, I did buy the now popular, run-of-the-mill silicone pad/sponge/thingy to put to the test.



I wanted to see how it went straight onto skin with no primers, oils, whatever onto it. I know that the liquid foundation I’m using right now is a bit too thick coming up to this summer and I have a bit of discolouration and a few blemishes, so I was really curious at how it worked trying to even my skin texture out.

As there’s no friction, I could easily smear foundation around if I put too much on. I didn’t know if this was a good thing or a bad thing because while smearing it around would fill in pores, etc. (much like smooshing around with your fingers would) you would have to quickly bounce/stipple to cover up streak lines, which were easy to make.

While it didn’t feel that much different to a sponge being bounced on the skin, I didn’t feel that the texture or effect it was leaving on my skin was great whatsoever. The painter in me was just thinking about how no artist would ever use a smooth applicator like a silicone ‘sponge’ onto a canvas as it would just squelch the makeup between the two surfaces and as it’s pulled away would just leave something resembling a Rorschach test.

I had two little scabs from old pimples on my chin which an applicator like this does not do well on. An actual sponge or brush is soft and flexible enough apply makeup to the front, sides and harder to reach areas.



Leaving the edge unblended to see the stark difference. You can see the caking and how it works around scabby areas.


Since the makeup isn’t being pressed into my skin, I feel like it sits on top of the skin in a more uncomfortable way. Also, it’s coming up to summer in Australia, and I’m prone to oily skin, so this is completely unappealing to me.




While my experience above on unprimed skin wasn’t great at all, I did want to see if putting primer down helped in any way.

I used two different primers; one side of my face had Benefit’s POREfessional primer while the other side had Nude By Nature’s Airbrush Mineral Primer . While having a primer did help fill pores, made it a little less patchy and make application easier, I still felt I would get a much better application and look from using my Beauty Blender or sponge.


I thought that the thicker sponge would be an advantage but it made it harder to hold and gave my hand a cramp, so I can see how a thinner sponge would be more appealing. Also, the newer silicone sponges that are shaped like a Beauty Blender or other hourglass/teardrop sponge would be easier to handle…

And yet, I don’t recommend this type of applicator for anyone with any uneven skin texture, so any type of acne or cyst. I feel it won’t give the best texture and camouflage.

To be honest I don’t think this kind of applicator would help anyone. I tried it with stick foundation and it didn’t help or change it for the better in any way. While I would still absolutely try the Evie blender as it is constructed a bit differently.
Also, I didn’t even try to attempt applying this onto my neck, it would have driven me crazy trying to apply and blend it completely.

So while it does use only a little bit of product compared to any sponge or brush applicator, it doesn’t seem to do anything close to what its competitors do.

Cost: $5 and I’m relieved I didn’t spend anymore.
Would recommend?: No
Good for: If you have an aversion or very sensitive to traditional sponges including the Beauty Blender or brushes.
Would try again?: If reviewing the Evie or something, otherwise.. nope.


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