Rants: Can We Stop With The Black Peel Masks Now???



You know when you’re brain just keeps going “jfskfdjfdsk” at something and makes it difficult to actually express what you want to say? That’s how I feel about a lot of things, but today, it’s about peel off masks.

It’s not like I don’t see the appeal because as someone who burns easily, peeling skin off your body feels so good. Foot peels? Ugh, so fucking good! It makes you feel so clean, so new, so.. snakey. So…



wait, nevermind.


However the new charcoal masks; the black, shiny goop of doom is less beauty routine, more Nicholas Cage in Face Off.


We did it, guys, after all these years we’ve finally used a Nic Cage meme. We’ve reached the highest level of the internet, time to close the blog down.


It doesn’t matter the brand or how much (usually it’s how little) you pay, these masks basically become your new skin, and come close to taking off a few layers too.

They are the honestly the funniest and painful gimmick in the beauty industry right now. It’s okay to love peel off masks- they’re fun- they can have some really great ingredients but… ugh, you know what, for all of our sakes, let me give you the reasons why these charcoal masks make me groan like an old man with osteoarthritis-


  1. It pulls off the top layer of skin and the natural oils that act as a protective barrier for the skin. This leads to all sorts of irritation and skin imbalance.
  2. As far as pulling blackheads? If it does anything it’s usually pulling the actual head out and only a small part of the sebum, not the whole thing, rendering it mute.
  3. More accurately, the stuff left on the dried mask are fine hairs (which people pull off so fucking slowly) or sebaceous filaments, which are vital little antennae.
  4. Anyone with sensitive skin and/or skin issues will most definitely have a reaction and aren’t recommended to use these at all.
  5. Yeah also don’t fucking use this when you’re drinking??? I’ve seen so many videos of girls doing this while drunk and it’s… just.. just don’t.


I know, I’m back on my party-pooper bandwagon. I’m like Adam Ruins Everything, but with a pseudonym and a love for fighting video games. I understand when you see heaps of people in pain over a beauty product is tempting to try, but there are loads of vloggers, bloggers and real-deal established beauty websites and magazines that tote them as good for the skin and the ton of Facebook and Instagram “shops” that buy ads to get you to buy them, some with shitty ingredients, but many to scam you. I can also understand the fun of fun of it and wanting to see those little suckers come out of my pores, but it’s bullshit.
If you want to try them for the ingredients, literally pick any other mask out there; there are no peel off masks that have any special ingredient you can’t find in another product. If you’re trying it for the skin-peely satisfaction, then hell, I won’t stop you, but if you’re only wanting to try it because it’s only a few dollars and it’ll “guarantee” to make your face better in any way, you’re going to be very disappointed.


Well Thanks, But I’m Stuck With It On My Face. Help??

Wash off mask with help of cleanser and cloth. I honestly don’t know why people sit through the pain of peeling it off and listening to that sound of the mask peeling away from their face, but just go the face wash and cloth route but wetting the face with warm water (NOT HOT! Your skin is already sad), wet the cloth and cover your face with it.


What About Glue?

Shit ingredients and pointless.


[Any name here] Has A Photo/Video Of Her Results And-

Stock photos. You see enough thumbnails to notice very quickly everyone’s sharing the same blackheads. If it is their footage/photo, it’s hair and sebaceous filaments.



Some reading for your pleasure:

http://www.star2.com/style/2017/05/19/charcoal-peel-mask-beauty-facial/ https://www.wellandgood.com/good-looks/peel-off-face-masks-skin-damage/ http://www.health.com/beauty/charcoal-face-mask-peel-safe-for-skin

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