I Tried Some Clarins Stuff!


*record scratch* You’re probably wondering where Elle is -you know- the late sometimes-“writer” of this blog that whines about anything costing over 30 dollars and swears way too much to be taken seriously by anyone. ‘I’m sure she isn’t cool enough for Clarins’ you might be thinking.. for which I’ll say yes I am and even though I know this, I’m a little insulted you thought that.

Yet here we are! Elle is reviewing some reputable skincare! Some reputable, science-based skincare at that.

Let’s cut to the chase and dive in.

When I was a young lass working in the beauty department of a certain foreign department store, I remember walking past the Clarins counter and seeing the incredibly sophisticated men and women that bought their products. I think it was that sophistication and the fact they have been around for a long time that I respected the most.

Yet here we are, you reading my take on one of their revered lines, the Super Restorative day and night cream.
“Elle, you’re speaking like a pompous twat, get on with it and give us the goods; how much is it and does it work”

Okay well, the price is…


138 dollars

Okay listen, LISTEN. That is in Australian and everything is more expensive here and… look, yes, for a day cream it’s a lot, it isn’t the cheapest, but it definitely isn’t the most expensive. I need to defend the pricing a little because Clarins is a brand that does try to be at the forefront of quality ingredients and using them in the best way without any gimmicky bullshit or extravagant packaging. It’s definitely pricey even for me and I don’t expect any of my readers to have that money just lying around. Skincare should be something you try then once you’ve found something of quality you make this commitment to it, no matter how much or little you pay.

The ‘does it work’ is harder to answer as I’ve only been using it for the better part of a week and thus, not long enough to see the long-term benefits, but for the first impressions? There I can help you!




So let’s highlight some ingredients. First, some ingredients they both share:

Water (no shit), shea butter, olive extract, hydrogenated and fractionated coconut oil, mica (I know, a bit strange when you first see it but if you notice the first two bullet points in the above picture, it makes sense why mica is in both products), titanium dioxide along with thickeners, skin conditioners and antimicrobials.

In the day cream, there’s squalane (I’m pretty certain this is the olive extract), ginko biloba leaf extract and harungana.

In the night cream, I found green tea leaf extract, common nipplewort (a real thing)/sunflower extract and golden root extract.

You can see that Clarins have used some really promising ingredients. The only one I was wondering about was sodium lauryl sulfate at the end of the day cream ingredients list. I’m really unsure why it’s in the cream and I would rather not see it there, but at least it’s very low down.


Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 1.41.38 pm

Super Restorative Day (Illuminating lifting replenishing) Cream

This product (including the night cream) claims to be for all skin types, and what better type of skin to try it out on than a combination skin that experiences sweltering humidity and freezing cold air-con! It’s thick enough to make my dry areas look and feel comfortable and hydrated, while not contributing to shine in my t-zone and oilier areas. There is a scent that is light and… it’s going to sound strange, but sends me back to childhood – I think one of my aunts must have either worn a fragrance that smells like this or possibly used Clarins. As it is a light fragrance it didn’t give me a headache or didn’t contribute to any irritation. Actually, I had no irritation from the cream at all.
Now that I’ve used it for a few days I can understand the pricing a lot more. Clarins is one of the brands that have always tried and tested different ingredients and incorporated science into their brand and you can see that through their products, including this cream. The packaging does state it includes plant extracts and they have seemed to have found a good mix to make a really amazing day cream for all skin types.



Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 1.41.50 pm

Super Restorative Night (Age spot correct replenishing) Cream

I.. absolutely love this night cream. It sinks in so fast and makes my skin feel so hydrated and comfortable, did I mention it sinks in really fast? This is a big deal because once I go to my room I’m nowhere near the air con and it gets pretty warm. Even though it isn’t as hot as summer will get there’s just… something about it, I don’t know what exactly it is, but from the first time I applied it, I really liked it. There’s a pleasant, very light scent that, again, didn’t give me any irritation.
As I’ve only been using it for a week I can’t comment on the lasting benefits, such as the age spot correcting or anything, but it is a product that I would seriously consider paying the higher price for. That says a lot.


Final Thoughts

While the Clarins Super Restorative line is targeted for mature-aged skin (50+) I feel that it’s great for my 30-year-old skin as I live in a harsh climate and also suffer from hormonal changes thanks to my hypothyroidism. I can confidently say I’ve loved trying these two products and – while I can’t afford it right now – I would definitely consider saving up to purchase both of these in the future (especially the night cream!) and see for myself if there are any long-term benefits.
This isn’t the first Clarins product I’ve tried and I know it won’t be the last.


Day Cream
: $138AU
Would recommend?: Yes
Good for: Aging and mature skin, or for anyone 30+ wanting to start a good skincare regime and suffers from premature ageing issues.
Would try again?: Yes

Night Cream
: $148AU
Would recommend?: Yes
Good for: Almost everyone.
Would try again?: Yes




And now for something completely different

I just want to thank you all for your endless patience. As you might have seen, the last two weeks for my family have been full of emergency visits and mourning and anxiety concerning more than one person. While one of my loved ones isn’t out of the woods yet, it’s looking really promising and having this blog (even though I am ridiculous with posting on time) gets my mind of real life problems for a moment. You stopping by does wonders to my head and heart

Elle x

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