What’s In My Camera Bag: My Cameras



I actually get asked this question a lot when people find out I like photography or plan a new project. Most of the time I’m travelling within Australia and I can’t take much with me. I am one of those people who will carry fewer beauty products and clothes so I have more room for equipment (some I forget to use anyway, but that’s not the point!).

Right now I’m focusing more on street photography and projects where I need minimal equipment, so I thought I would show you my different setups for different projects or events.

Right now I have a Nikon P&S (point-and-shoot) and DSRL. While I’m in desperate need of an update for both (hopefully my P&S to a mirrorless!) My SLR is still great for what I’m doing, especially with the new 35mm lens I got off EBay.




The hardest part of planning everyday street photography is making sure you know what you need and have the right settings in place. The weather here is being a dick and constantly changing, so I have a look at my pre-set dials so I know they’re ready to go in case I have to flick from one to the other (as I’m typing this, the weather outside has gone from dark overcast to unfiltered bright-as-balls sunlight in seconds).
I like to have my SLR with my 18-55mm standard kit lens. I like using it because I can put it on an autofocus and wing my zoom in or out while still being pretty close to my subject. I also love having my Fujifilm Instax for all those nostalgic shots.




Conventions like Oz Comic Con (9 months and counting!) are the trickiest as I’m usually travelling and need to think about other things like indoor lighting, accessories, manoeuvrability through crowds, panels and the certainty of buying stuff while I’m there, so I need to bring the least amount of items that will give me the best shots.
Not only do I have my 18-55mm lens again but I pack my other standard lens, my bigger 55-300mm lens. I love using the later for panels or Q&A sessions where I can get a closer portrait of the people on stage. Again I use the 18-55mm for its versatility.




I’m currently scouting at night and playing around with the light available around me such as headlights and street lamps. I use my phone for quick social media updating and since I’m in a car for scouting, I try to take all of my cameras, even a disposable!
I take my trusty 18-55mm but also my new 35mm as it gets me closer to the shots I’m considering to shoot. I also bring my Lomography Diana Mini (in the cute Love Is In The Air limited edition look!) for the more nostalgic look – and I love having hard copies. Even though it isn’t pictures I also bring my Nikon Coolpix S9100 because I like using some of the lagging to my advantage with blurry shots and I like the monochrome (black and white), high contrasty shots.

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