The Infinity War Trailer Has Been Released And I Have Some Questions


Avengers: Infinity War trailer dropped this week and if you think I stayed up late to watch it premiere on YouTube you are absolutely right because that’s what I did. I love the Avengers, the actors portraying them, and I respect the Russo brothers ever since they directed possibly one of my favourite movies of all time, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Kevin Feige is somehow not insane from the amount of stuff he does. I collect the toys, I went to the Marvel Exhibit when it was here and when I have time, I chill out and read some comics. This is what I love, some people don’t get it, but that’s fine because while I’m the most grumpy, possibly cynical person you might meet, it fills me with excitement and joy.

So getting over a trailer might sound ridiculous, but it really isn’t any different from a Star Wars fan getting excited about the next episode, your country making it into the World Cup or a Selena Quintanilla fan happy that MAC paid tribute to the late singer with a collection dedicated to her.

But I have questions. I’m excited, I’m full of dread, I’m curious and I have questions.. and some theories to some questions out there.


I want to preface this by saying that these questions are just the-day-afterwards freak out questions that popped into my brain and some of the links in the questions and theories are up for debate as it’s Fort Knox when it comes to info. Also, I haven’t read all of the comics so there might be a lot I’ve missed.


Where The Fuck Are My Boys????



Aside from a lot of pained sounds and smacking the replay button, I was immediately worried about where the hell is my very relatable cool dude, Hawkeye..


.. then.. oh shit..



While it is possible Hawkeye is performing his M.O. of being out-of-sight and observing/fighting from afar, not seeing him for one second is incredibly concerning. When it comes to Heimdall (who is on the Big Tootin’ Asgardian Ship with Thor, Loki, Valkyrie and my favourite pile of rocks, Korg, the last two also being a mystery on their status) he is more a part of Thor’s stories and movies, not the Avengers or any others. It makes sense for him to not be in the trailer, but it does beg the question of if he’s alive and Feige, he better be.


Is Loki Giving The Tesseract Over Willingly?


Everyone’s favourite little shit is back at fucking things up again, this time a little worse for wear and appearing to hand over the Tesseract (housing the Space stone) to Thanos and just fucking everything up once more.

Yet since the first Avengers movie, I’ve held the belief (along with many others) that things aren’t so simple when it comes to Loki and the Infinity stones. For start, the Other, Thanos’ little personal assistant, handed Loki the Scepter containing the Mind stone – and I’m sure you remember how that worked out. Loki was able to astrally project back to the Other, bring Clint and Dr. Selvig under his control as well as other humans, all to bring back the Tesseract to Thanos. Aaaand he failed, losing both the Tesseract and the Mind stone. Now Thanos will be after his ass.
The other thing to consider is that Loki might have been under the power of the Mind stone during this time as well. Bruce definitely felt it when the Scepter tapped into Bruce’s anger so I’m certain the Mind stone would have tapped into Loki.

So with Loki at his most vulnerable, falling through space, Thanos found him and gave him a job, he failed the job spectacularly and becoming enemy number 1 on Earth, then he kept himself hiding with being jailed on Asgard, breaking out with Thor, “dying”, staying hidden by pretending to be Odin and ruling Asgard, then teaming up with his brother once more to fight his sister, only to steal the Tesseract before Asgard was burned to the ground by Surtur. All this with the threat of Thanos looming over. What a resume!
Now it looks as if the being he feared the most is right in front of him. Of course he’s going to give the Tesseract over, he doesn’t really have a choice in his empty choice bag. Yet will it actually be willingly after all? Is he still under any influence? Any power?

Which leaves another big question..


Where Does This Leave Loki?


Loki handing over the Tesseract to Thanos leaves a lot of questions, particularly, where does this leave the God Of Mischief? I’m sceptical to say that Loki will meet his end, given that Tom Hiddleston has turned his character into the most beloved and popular villain in the MCU, however it leaves a lot to question. Will Loki be taken away and tortured? Will he be tortured and exiled? Will he actually be killed? Will it take Loki into one of his comic storylines somehow? Will they cast me as The Enchantress? There are a lot of questions that it’s hard to speculate at this point.


What Does This Mean For Steve Rogers?


The reason I’ve been the most nervous is concerning Steve Rogers, our Cap. It’s no secret that Chris Evans’ contract is ending with Marvel and has made everyone freak out at the possible end of our beloved old man.
The poster and now the trailer have shown Steve in his Nomad look, complete with long hair and a beard, alluding to MCU Steve not being Captain America anymore, something that has been hinted at by Kevin Feige himself and in Civil War itself, where Steve left Tony, the Avengers and, in a metaphorical way, Cap behind.

Whether Chris’ contract does end with Infinity War, the next untitled Avengers movie (I should add that it’s “Untitled” because it’s apparently spoilery and I hate that so much) or not at all leaves me pretty worried. I absolutely adore Chris and his Captain America/Steve Rogers, it’s a role he has made perfectly his and I don’t think anyone else could ever do the role except for him. I will be wholeheartedly devastated to see Steve (and Chris’) exit from the MCU, whether if it’s through Steve’s retirement or (Heaven-fucking-forbid) death.

With that being said though, I will be excited to see either of the two comic replacements for the next Captain America. There’s Bucky, who dons the spandex for a while, but also my other cool bird dude, Sam Wilson aka Falcon


while I love the idea of both being Captain America onscreen at some point, I don’t see Bucky taking up the mantle anytime soon. Still psychologically scarred from his Winter Soldier past and having a lot of growing to do, Sam is ready to fill his friend’s shoes and become the next Captain. He’s more than ready – he’s perfect – and I would love to see Anthony Mackie in suit up.

Will There Be Enough Quality Screen Time For Everyone?


Possibly the question everyone has been asking. While we don’t know how long the movie will be or in fact, they will actually do it in two parts (something the Russo brothers shut down, but more on that below), you have to wonder if all the characters will get the time they deserve. Civil War movie had practically no-one compared to the comic version and some people weren’t satisfied with the time some characters received, so it does beg the question how are everyone’s stories going to be shown, what will be left out and how it will all intertwine. Will Hawkeye be on screen for two seconds then die? Will Natasha just be flitting through scenes briefly? How will it play into Homecoming 2, being released soon after this movie?


Will Thanos Aquire All Of The Stones And How Will He Be Stopped?


We know from the trailer that this big, purple, thumb-looking asshole takes the Mind stone from Vision and he puts the Space stone in place after Loki gives him the Tesseract, but he also has the Power stone from Xandar, leaving only two stones left. Does he get all of the Infinity stones and complete the Gauntlet, with the war kicking up a notch and happening all in one movie more or, in fact, will he complete obtain all of the stones then…  end credit? It seems like a lot will be happening already while he’s buzzing around getting all of the stones anyway..

so I suppose the last two questions lead to this-


What The Fuck Is Up With Avengers 3 & 4? Is This The End Of The Avengers As We Know Them?



This was what we were shown a while ago, that Infinity War would actually be in two parts, with the second one premiering one year after part one and Captain Marvel’s debut movie, as well as Inhumans.


However the Russo brothers have confirmed this isn’t the case and Infinity War won’t be in parts, which like I said above, makes me curious as to how all of this will happen in one movie and what will happen in the fourth Avengers movie for it to be so final?


Who Will Survive To Marvel’s Next Phase?



Why would anyone do this to my boy, Tony? Do I really need to see this footage? Do I?????


Continuing from the link above, it all comes down to who will make it onto the next phase and who will meet their end in some way or another. I like to assume Tony and Bruce/Hulk are safe as they could have their own films but both can slide right into other character’s movies, with Tony as Peter’s mentor in Spiderman: Homecoming and Bruce/Hulk budding up with Thor in Ragnarok. Natasha is also another character that has made appearances in Iron Man and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, since her spy ways make it easy for her to pop up anywhere, and even though she hasn’t had her own movie yet (hint, hint, Feige) she has an incredible background that could be made into one.

However there are other characters and contracts we just don’t know about and are unsure if there’s going to be any room in the expanding MCU after these final two movies. No matter what, this is definitely the end of this phase and, most importantly, an end of an era, which I’m sure we’ll all be guessing about until May next year.



Some Theories 

aka me possibly talking out of my ass



Wakanda Houses The Soul Stone


While I was kind of hoping the Soul stone was with Heimdall all this time (although Odin would never allow two stones being on the same planet, even fucking Volstagg thought the idea was stupid), I always believed Wakanda would be guarding the last stone. Now that Ragnarok has been released, it seems that my belief had some truth!

Not only is Wakanda (more accurately, T’Challa) possibly the best fit to guard one of the stones thanks to T’Challa’s access to really cool materials and technology, I think it’s suiting that this soldier and prince guards this particular stone.


Asgardians Are Now Extinct And Now The Balance Is Off


As I assumed above, the ship with the surviving Asgardians seems to have taken a hit from Thanos/Sanctuary II, with Thor and Loki both looking worse for wear. I think it’s safe to say not many have survived (again, where the FUCK is Heimdall????), meaning that, aside from Asgardians on other planets, the race is now extinct. This is incredibly important to not only Yggdrasil aka, The Tree Of Life that houses the 9 realms, but also how other, more hostile worlds will now interact with civil ones. Odin- while a dick dad -was still a peacemaker and enforcer, keeping balance in the universe. Now with his departure and Asgard’s destruction through Ragnarok happening/having occurred, now the starting of the new, it will be interesting to see what will happen in the future within the MCU.


Black Widows Just Wanna Have Fuh-un


Aside from Steve’s pretty fucking nice Nomad beard, the other physical change people noticed was Natasha’s new blonde locks. I think the absence of her iconic red hair has a perfectly reasonable explanation though. The fall of S.H.I.E.L.D in The Winter Soldier and Civil War has made our favourite spy exposed for all the world to see and simply changing her hair colour, just as Steve has grown a beard, is just one thing she can do to defect eyes. Whether it’s to tie in other characters or stories in remains to be seen – just like her own movie (hint, hint).


Why The Fuck Was Earth/Midgard Housing More Than One Stone?


As an inhabitant of Earth I know it’s the most stupid place in the 9 realms. Aside from that opinion fact, it’s also the weakest place, so why the fuck are 3 of the stones (2, if for some reason the Soul Stone isn’t in Wakanda and I doubt that). Odin commanded that the stones were kept separate, yet our stupid planet has more than one??? What the fuck? Even Volstagg knew it was “unwise”. Also RIP Volstagg, Fandral and Hogun. I cared about you guys.

I think the only reasonable and clear explanation is that we have already seen so many different worlds that showing the stones anywhere else would be tiring. Sakaar is definitely not the place to house a stone, neither is Svartalfheim. From a storytelling standpoint, it makes sense, although it makes Thanos’ job much easier.


Space Fighting!


One of the many cool things the Infinity War trailer shows us is our band of perpetually grumpy Guardians meeting up with Thor sometime after the Sanctuary II fucks shit up. The trailer also shows one thing- we only see Thor and the Guardians in space so it would make sense we get some space fighting- with the people of Earth fighting on the ground and all of our favourite space beings fighting from above!


Will Venom, Deadpool, The Fantastic Four &/Or The X-Men Cross Over To The MCU?


Ask anyone who follows anything Marvel about any crossover and they will laugh – myself included. The ongoing war (too cheesy to say civil or infinity war?) between Disney/Marvel Studios, Sony and Fox over movie rights to different characters has made it seem like an unrealistic dream that we’ll never see the characters we love mingle together on the big screen. While it might be an eternity until we see Venom and Tom Holland’s Spiderman on screen together, it seems like Fox and Marvel are possibly working on two movies together! From Collider

While incredibly vague and further into the future to even make assumptions about, the thought of both companies uniting makes me so, so excited. My dream of seeing Deadpool on the big screen with Clint or Thor is something I’m not holding my breath over, but other collaborations would be monumental.


While we are months away from Infinity War, it means months of more speculation, rumours and excitement for our beloved characters and the actors playing them. My wallet is already burning as we speak and my stomach is in knots, but I cannot wait for the ride… possibly down to insanity.

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