Hey, I Got Some YouFoodz!



I’ve wanted to try YouFoodz for the longest time because I loathe cooking and I like to easy cleanups, and recently I had my chance when I saw they had two packs available on Catch.com.au for only $50. So I jumped on the deal, ordered the ‘Clean’ pack and anxiously waited for my package…


I woke up a weekish later to a cool box at my door..




My YouFoodz box! Ice packs to keep the cool, my meals, welcome pack and cute ugly sweater deck of cards!



and I was happy at my presents, fun galore!


Okay enough rhyming. But, look! A nice, ice cold package is the best thing to see on a sweltering summer day. Not only were there freezing cold ice packs to keep everything nice and cold, but I had some goodies too!


This is the cool welcome pack. I honestly wasn’t even thinking I’d get a welcome pack because it wasn’t through their site, but every new customer – no matter where you purchase their product – is a new customer and treated well.


Free meal vouchers and a great guide that actually helps you be creative to heat it up and present it. While I’m just going to keep mine in the trays my food comes in, I like how it shows you different ways to heat it up. Maybe you want your wraps to be crispy, your meat to be spicy and if you’re doing it with someone else, you can do the same meal different ways.


My welcome pack also came with their chocolate shake mix and one of their protein balls! [At the time of editing I hadn’t opened these and tried but if you want to them reviewed as well I will!]


You even get a bottle opener and some really nice cutlery! Not plastic or anything! I actually showed The Evil Assistant and now she just wants 20 pairs of these.



Now the food itself! All sealed tight and ready to smash into my face.




BBQ Chicken Wrap


I picked a solid one to have first up. The BBQ wrap has chicken, coleslaw, pineapple (holy shit I was so happy to see some pineapple!!) in a spinach wrap with a BBQ mayo on the side to put in yourself or dip it as you eat. I popped it on a plate and shoved it in the microwave for about a minute, which you don’t need to go that long but I like my wraps hot.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He looks a little floppy from the heat, but it was easy to eat and

holy shit

I loved this wrap. It tasted phenomenal; the coleslaw was crunchy, pineapple juicy. It was a great start to my day and the best introduction to YouFoodz.


Clean And Lean Turkey Bowl

The mince had a lot of flavour and even had visible pieces of onion and little bits of.. look I don’t know what but it was delicious. The meat wasn’t dry and I feel confident enough to say if you’re not a big turkey fan but are curious about this one that you should give it a go.

It also comes with greens. Although I don’t like zucchini by itself, it was crunchy and tasted pretty alright (I did slather on the nice condiment sauce you get with it so that might have helped). There’s also broccoli, which wasn’t limp and bland. I do wish there was a little more broccoli, but I’m only being picky at this point.
I loved the sauce that came with it, which was a honey, sweet chilli, sriracha-y sauce, very nice!



Glazed Tasmanian Salmon

This is such a great dinner meal. Two little pieces of salmon that equate to a palm-sized portion, potato and green beans with some really tasty sweet balsamic dressing. If I get the chance to try YouFoodz again, I would definitely get more than one serving of this.



Sticky Beef With Stir Fry

This was such a good meal. All the veggies were crunchy and tasty while the sesame beef was fjskdfkljsdf, so soft and succulent, I could not get enough. As usual, the accompanying sauce made it taste even better (and I slathered that baby on everything). This was such a great start to my morning [read: 11.26am after waking up around 11am].



Clean Chicken

The Clean Chicken is a very unfussy meal that’s perfect for anyone doing any elimination or restriction diet (that allows nuts). As usual the broccoli was nice and crunch, the nuts though were not hard and crunchy (yay for not breaking teeth!)) but firm to give texture and could still put your fork through. The chicken at first tasted dry but I realise the juices were settled maybe give it a little shake to keep it moist before heating.



Clean Balsamic Beef (pumpkin omitted)

So I don’t like pumpkin at all and pulled it out before taking this shot, in case you thought this was looking a bit empty. You don’t need much balsamic dressing and it was a really nice flavour. You got a good sized portion of soft beef as well as veggies. I liked the addition of feta and firm (but not hard) nuts as a nice texture and something different.



Healthy Chicken Hotpot

Look I’m not going to lie, this has a trinity of vegetables I hate; tomato, zucchini and pumpkin. I can do tomato and zucchini if they’re mixed with other things, but I loathe pumpkin so I’m not going to try it, although it does look soft and appealing..ish.
The tomatoes are bursting with juiciness (literally, I poked my fork in one and juice is now everywhere) and the zucchini is.. well.. zucchini? I mean it’s firm and crisp but .. it’s just zucchini..? If you do love these veg usually, though, I think you’ll love this combo because they have the perfect texture and taste.

The chicken was tasty and super moist, I love gravy (especially mint!) with chicken so I really loved that part.


Final Thoughts

I absolutely, 110% recommend YouFoodz just from my little taste test alone. I have loved these dishes and have been genuinely excited to open one up and try it and would do it again in a heartbeat. I would love to also try these out as my only meals for a longer amount of time to see any sort of change physically or mentally.

I honestly cannot recommend YouFoodz enough.

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