Priceline Holo-Haul!

Priceline kicked my ass yet again with makeup sales before Christmas and I thought I’d share my surprisingly hologrammy buys! I know hologram is everywhere and it seems like late to the party, but I’ve been on the fence with a lot of products I’ve seen and if they would look good on my textured, oily goblin face.

I decided that since the sales were really good, I should at least grab some items and show them to you! I haven’t really tested these products yet to give a concrete review, but I have some swatches (albeit terrible camera work because shiny things always photograph well).


Models Prefer Holo-Drops in Glow Up, $17

Word of warning straight up; these products were pains to photograph so I’m super sorry about the quality, but hopefully, it shows the dimension and colours correctly. Glow Up is beautiful and really surprises you as you swirl it around and reveal the alluring gold underneath.


Droplet as it comes out, looking white with the gold colour starting to emerge.

A little goes a long way that I feel even one drop is absolutely plenty for me. I doubt you would need any more than two drops for face and decolletage.


Ignore how scaly the lighting made my hand and enjoy how it looks as you squeeze a droplet out..


Theeeen smoosh it around!

In the above photo, I put only a tiny bit and smeared it along (left) while the other swatch (right) is a big puddle of the product showing the white flecks before turning to gold. If Fenty by Rihanna’s Trophy Wife is a warm metallic gold, this is more of a cooler metallic gold. I’ll actually try to make a little video and pop it up on Instagram because it looks so nice.


Models Prefer Holo-Strobe Stick in Holo Glam, $15

Are you strobed or highlighted out already? Too bad we’re onto the next one, a stick highlighter, again a predominantly gold highlighter by Models Prefer but this time it has a slightly pinky undertone that comes out a little peachy on skin.



Absolutely terrible photos but trying to show the gold with pink shimmer fleck underneath.


Holo-Strobe Sticks in Ultra Violet (top) and Hologram, under natural light (to the right).

As you can see this stick has some fun dimension to it, a little metallic peachy with that pink coming through under both natural and artificial white light. This is definitely a more ‘natural’ strobe colour for my skin.


Under white lighting.

Models Prefer Holo-Gloss Lip Toppers in Crystal Pink and Diamond Crush, $13

I personally think the idea of lip toppers as a stupid and money-grab product, but I think there are some nice colours and holographic ones that have a great consistency without making the lip too heavy, which is why I bought these Models Prefer ones. Coming to just over $5 each, I swooped in before they were grabbed up.


I absolutely love Diamond Crush, a pink-orange explosion of a product that seemed to me would be a really nice topper or stand-alone product (it was also the last one, so I was super lucky!).


Crystal Pink has a light blue and white fleck to it, which I think might look really nice as a catch-light for the top of the cheeks too. While usually not a colour I go for, I thought it would be a nice colour to experiment and possibly do some photoshoot makeup with.



These are swatches with artificial white light above and natural light at the top of the photo to show the full effect. I tried both quickly on my lips and I loved Diamond Crush on top of lipstick and by itself. Crystal Pink by itself washed me out, but I can’t wait to try it over lipsticks.



Revlon-Youth Fx-Forehead-Primer

Revlon Youth FX Fill + Blur Primer For Forehead, $30

Okay, so hear me out here. Yes I did purchase a primer that’s focused on the forehead, but let me tell you that the first time I tested this on my hand I was blown away with how smooth it made my hand, it was flawless to the point I saw very light freckles I didn’t know I had, so I tried a little bit on my forehead and was so surprised, especially under store lights. On sale for $18 I had to get it and put some on to show The Evil Assistant where she was also really surprised how much it helped blur out my fine lines. This is my favourite overall purchase by far.

I’m ending with these two products because one is very limited edition and probably even ended now, while the other is amazing yet I can’t find any other info about it on Priceline and I’m nervous it also is discontinued, but in case you want to know about them, here they are:


Essence Prismatic Hololighter (Be Unique Be A Unicorn)

Everyone loves Essence’s prices and variety, so it’s no surprise to find this little guy quickly sold out. The Prismatic Hololighter was used as a comparison in the photos about and is a predominantly cool-blue effect that looks so fun and pretty.



Savvy by DB Contour Face Defining Stick in Shadow

My absolute favourite cosmetic steal was this contour stick by Savvy, another cheap makeup brand that has awesome products. I loved the smooth glide of the product but what I really loved was the colour – which is so hard for me to find a convincing contour colour in a cream form!


I haven’t tried this yet but I think it’s going to be a gamechanger. I really hope it isn’t discontinued because I’ll have to start all over again fsjkfjsdkfkjsd.

So that’s all my products from this mini-haul. I also lost my mind in Sephora during their 30% sale and haven’t even looked at the products since purchasing them… I guess I have a lot of makeup I should go play with now, eh?

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