I (Finally) Went to Dracula’s!


Recently, a family member had celebrated their birthday at one of the Gold Coast’s most iconic institutions, Dracula’s Cabaret Show & Dinner. The cool-looking place that I’m sure the Addams or Munsters would have loved is sandwiched in between the newly jazzed up Pacific Fair shopping centre and  The Star Gold Coast (formerly Conrad Jupiters Casino). Every local has driven past and every local has been to Dracula’s.

Except me.

I had lived here most of my life here and never once been to Dracula’s. But now I have and thought I’d let you know a bit about it!



The band, photo via Dracula’s



What Is It?


Dracula’s is a cabaret show, restaurant and mini-museum all in one. They have Drax4kids for the younger critters and recommend that the night show is for ages 15 and over. There is swearing, some skin (some buttcheck and pasties over boobs, in case you’re concerned) and depending on how you see them, crude jokes.




Our entrance (I loved the door plaques)


What Happens?

Without spoiling it too much and depending on the ticket you bought, you will either do a walk-through or train to the restaurant area. My group had the train (which later on some very amusing -if embarrassing- footage is shown to the whole crowd later).




Having a seat after looking at the memorabilia. I loved the textured wallpaper!



You will then come to the cute restaurant/cabaret area. Again, depending on your ticket, you will be on the top level looking down onto the stage or on the floor. Lucky for us, we were on the floor right at the stage!


What Can You Expect

Dracula’s themed shows run for around a year each so if you went two years ago or decide to go next year, you’ll have a different show.
We had Terrorbyte, described as ‘vampires go[ing] viral’, a fusion of really awesome music with ode’s to the greats as well as comedy and incredible performers. However I wasn’t sure where the vampires came into it or what the storyline was.

I think my favourite aspects were the performers and the waiting staff, who are so quick-witted that I was actually jealous how fast and funny they were, as well as incredibly talented.

The three-course meal was really nice. You picked your main and had a really nice entree and a super-darn-cute coffin dessert. Honestly, I tried to get one nice picture of mine without using flash but it didn’t turn out. Believe me though, it was really nice.


I loved my beef short ribs main course; it was soft and melted in my mouth.
I’m sure there are some people that might find the course sizes small but considering that they have timed the food to come out right after big performances in the show, where you’ve been so distracted to feel hungry. I found that the course sizes were adequate since I was having drinks and enjoying myself that afterwards I wasn’t hungry but there were some people in our group (especially the bigger boys) that were.

I actually did let myself have some drinks, and for a lightweight like me I was surprised I was able to have a shot, a drink to myself (in a cute shrunken head tiki glass!) and half a huge-ass bowl of sangria punch but wasn’t drunk. I mean, that shot alone should have made my tiny, little excited bladder run to the ladies’ but I didn’t actually feel tipsy. If it wasn’t for an incredible, amazing person that bought all of my drinks (expensive drinks too), I would have been pretty annoyed.



Reviews Online

I had heard some different opinions online about Dracula’s especially in the recent years, and since shows are good or bad based on people’s personal opinions and there were two seating areas, I wanted to bring up a few opinions and points in case you have been unsure about going:

“No Storyline”
I do agree that while the effects, music and performances were incredible, that this run was a bit disjointed and confusing. It was mainly little acts then some little pegs to technology or modern news- which is good- but still isolated.

Seating arrangements made it hard to enjoy the show
While they do have the band perform on both sides of the stage so people on either sides of the table can see, I did notice that tables close to the stage would have to turn around to watch the show. Something to take into consideration when you book or once there.

Multiple drinks and still sober
When I saw a couple of people comment on how they spent a lot of money on drinks but were surprisingly sober and felt that it wasn’t just me. I mean I should have been absolutely plastered but I was completely fine, which makes me wonder how much alcohol they do put in.

Discounted tickets bought through [insert any third-party site here] = shit seats!”
I thought this was a no-brainer, but it seems it’s an issue that a lot of people don’t know about. Discounted tickets through a third party, such as coupon and travel sites, insurance deals etc., are discounted for a reason. They’re the awkward and small hotel rooms, the no-frills and quick meal or service – and yes – cabaret. Now it’s not the third-party sites fault; they’re showing you this deal and it’s the company behind it that is supposed to give you a little taste-test of what you can expect if you 1- come back to pay for a bigger, better experience, or/and 2- tell your friends.

When purchasing discounted tickets for anything, you are playing a game of chance, so keep that in mind if you see a coupon for Dracula’s or anywhere else. I feel that if you want a better (and closer) expierence and don’t want to take the chance, book through the official site.


Too loud to carry on a conversation even with the person next to you
I must admit that it would have been nice for the music to be turned down a smidge so I can hear the people next to me or across the table. When I got my little tiki drink everyone was screaming at me and I had no idea why. Took me a good minute to realise that since my drink had dry ice I had to stir it immediately.

Final Thoughts

The performers, the staff and the ole mansion herself are my favourite things about Dracula’s. My meal was nice and my drinks did taste very nice, if weak and expensive. I would actually go back to the next show they have if they do tweak some things that have come up as common complaints or issues.  If these issues are cleared up, I feel that Dracula’s would be more iconic than it’s ever been.


Show Time: 7.30pm – 10pm
For Ages: Officially 15+, absolutely not for anyone younger, but under 18 still at your own discretion
Price: $95 – $130 depending on your ticket and night

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