From The Internet: “Cranberry” and Feta Pinwheels



I am someone that needs to snack, trust me when I say I love a good meal, but when it’s just me here with the cat, trying to get stuff done, I’d rather have something I can grab out of the kitchen and shove into my mouth.

So I spend quite a lot of time looking online – usually on the trusty Pinterest – scanning and saving recipes that make my life easier, especially if I don’t have to cook. I hate cooking. I think I’ve said it before so I’ll say it again – I fucking hate cooking.

I decided to start a new little tag, “From The Internet”, where I’ll highlight and try a recipe I’ve found and sounds really awesome. This first one will be kicked off with a quick one from The Girl Who Ate Everything. This 5-ingredient snack is totally up my ally with the spring onion and cream cheese combo, with no cooking needed!


So when I grabbed everything out I realised I didn’t have enough cream cheese for the recipe, maybe about half of what I needed. To compensate, I was just going to make half of what the recipe said but I needed to use that feta, so I just went ahead and made everything with the measurements stated with the half of cream cheese I had. I always go for Danish feta over Greek because I like a lot of brine with my feta to make the cheese smooth and moist. Having Danish feta helped my cream cheese situation because of that moistness and is less crumbly than Greek.

My big dumbdumb move was I actually forgot to grab sweetened cranberries and didn’t even realise my error until the end, but more on that later.



Okay, since I had frozen cranberry arils (the seedy things) but never actually used them, I decided to use them now. In a sieve, I rinsed them under some water to start thawing them out a bit, then set them aside.


While the cranberries were attempting to soften (again, we’ll get to that) I combined my feta and cream cheeses. They weren’t thawed out enough and needed a little more time,  so I left them covered with a cloth for about 15 minutes then returned and combined them.

Next, it was just cutting up some spring onion and adding them and the cranberries to the cheesy mix before smearing them onto a wrap, like this-



Then, it’s rolling up time. Keeping it tight, I smeared a lot off the top part since I had a lot of filling but used the leftover to fill the sides.
The recipe calls for putting them in the fridge for an hour to let the cheese become firm and help everything set, which is a very important move because without it, cutting these guys up would be a messy nightmare…

Of course, I didn’t wait that long because I was hungry, so I had them in there for about half an hour then took them out, cut these babies up to show you guys then shoved some in my mouth.


Now, you might be going, “Yeah, L, this cranberry/pomegranate arils thing, what about it?” Well, dear reader, I did have a lapse in judgement, consciousness and smart thinking, combined with never using arils before, I had an interesting reaction to biting into one with full-force. Arils, if you don’t know, are firm. They’re hard, and with this easy-to-eat dish, it isn’t an inviting texture change.

So, please, don’t do what I did and forget there’s a fucking difference between using cranberries and pomegranate arils.
Other than that stupid mistake, my pinwheels are really nice; I would have liked to have more cream cheese to balance out the tanginess of the feta, but I think these are an awesome snack or finger food to have.

The Girl Who Ate Everything has more awesome recipes, so go over and have a look!



Stuff To Remember!

  1. I didn’t have enough cream cheese but I used a Danish style feta that is a bit smoother and the brine keeps it moist.
  2. Thaw the cheeses so they’re easier to mix.
  3. I used pomegranate arils which are a bit hard and personally not what I would have used if I wasn’t a forgetful knob. Like the recipe states, I would have just used sweetened cranberries and left the arils for salads.
  4. Chilling it makes it so easy to cut the logs and reduces mess so, please, remember this part!
  5. Please, don’t use arils for this.
  6. Please.


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