First Impressions: Alpha-H Liquid Gold


There’s been much hype for a while now about Alpha-H and their Liquid Gold product. You’ve probably seen this product on beauty blogs, sales sites like Ozsale or shopping sites like Adore Beauty, which is where I got mine from.

Yes, I grabbed one to see what it was all about.

I actually bought this quite a number of months ago in the hopes of giving a full review of it but I haven’t been using it regularly. However, I thought I’d give you a more ‘first impressions’ mini-review in case it’s been something you’ve wanted to invest in.


Also, it has new packaging, but apparently the same product.

Alpha-H is an Australian skincare brand that started after (OWNER) was trying to treat her acne. liquid Gold is the brands most popular product, having been shown in different publications like –xx


So the ingredients are actually quite simple and consist of:

Liquorice/ licorice
Hydrolyzed Silk- a silk protein with acid or enzymes, also skin conditioning
Potassium Hydroxide – a buffered and PH adjuster
Caprylyl Glycol – another skin conditioner and also antimicrobial
Alcohol denat- another antimicrobial and astringent

The selling ingredient, of course, is glycolic acid, an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) which is an exfoliant. Now, because it is has AHA, you have to stick to the instructions of doing it every second night- and only at night- as it helps work while you’re away from any UV rays. AHA + sunlight = sensitive skin and burns, so make sure you’re applying SPF in some way (moisturiser with SPF or slapping it on before going out).

As I’ve only used it a couple of times and not regularly I can’t say for sure how it’s going to go on some little melasma spots I have but I have noticed (when actually using it) that PMS breakouts are nowhere near as bad as they usually are, and if one or two spots do come through they’re gone.
This is advertised as a-kitchen-sink product; toner/astringent, toning lotion, serum in one where all you have to do is put it on after cleansing and before moisturiser- if you even want to put moisturiser (in my opinion please do, though).

With the price tag being $60AUD ($50.96 on Adore Beauty as of writing) it is an investment. Although in the mid-range price of products with AHAs that are a resurfacing product, there are products I’ve personally found that are cheaper than this, however, I really like Liquid Gold and the fact that it’s an Australian brand and made in Australia with a simple ingredients list. I also like how it’s just a liquid product so you can put as little on as you want, whereas one-use resurfacing pads are just one use (and the material of the pad itself can be irritating).

I think the only cons of this product is the price (Afterpay is both the saint and sinner on my shoulders!) especially if you aren’t sure if it will work for you, but if you treat it as an investment and an all-in-one, you might find that it’s much cheaper for you.
I also noticed a lot of negative or meh reviews online was focused on it being drying and while it can feel drying, I’m unsure if a lot of these reviews used moisturiser afterwards. I myself haven’t seen it exacerbate my dryness even after using no moisturiser.

There are some things at-home products can’t do, but I am very interested to see how my face (and my annoying pigmentation) goes as I continue using Liquid Gold. Summer is just dying off here and while I still use sunscreen, I urge you again that if you do use Liquid Gold or any other retinol or AHA- based product to cover your face!

I’ll try to remember to keep you guys up to date with this, maybe do a check-in next month?

Cost: $60
Would recommend?: Yes.
Good for: Anyone wanting to control breakouts, clear up acne scars and help even skin tone.
Would try again?: Yes.

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