Let’s Talk About Adelaide


Adelaide has a problem; it’s boring. Well, it’s always touted as just that. Searching the term always brings up some fun results and even one of the major radio stations back in the day, Triple J, tried to help turn it around with an “Adelaide: It’s Okay!” campaign that was hilarious and tried very hard to help Adelaide with its boring label.

It also has that “serial killer capital” label hanging around its head that even Dexter Morgan himself, Michael C. Hall, shot a promo stating it.

A place can’t be boring and an (alleged) serial killer paradise though, can it? Only if it’s so boring that’s why people are going bananas and offing each other.



Adelaide south

Such a beautiful place to strangle someone.


I’ve been a few times to Adelaide and come back with different stories and experiences, and while my time there was only fleeting, I hope that if you do find yourself in The City Of Churches that my handy guide will help you around.


Get To Central Markets


After you land, get to the hotel and freshen up, the absolute first thing you should do is get down to the Central Markets. It’s the best place to explore the produce Adelaide has to offer (including the wine from the vineyards South Australia is known for) and get a great meal in. When my family and I go to Adelaide we always go there first with reusable bags (South Australia doesn’t have plastic bags) and basically eat and stash our way through the food. Also going first thing to grab some food to bring back to your hotel is a good idea for those early mornings you want to snack-n-go or you get nibbly in the night time. One of my favourite stalls is The Providore because… well..


You can see why.



Chow down at Ying Chow’s


Seeing as you’re next to Gouger Street, the restaurant street in Adelaide, you might as well take yourself to Ying Chow and get the shredded beef. The Evil Assistant has said numerous times she would go to Adelaide just to get the meal and I actually believe her. It’s a popular place amongst Adeladians..? Adelites? Ad.. look, everyone loves it, it’s always busy, so go get yourself some Chow.



Haigh’s Chocolates (Ph: Chef Adriana)

Get some Haigh’s

Hey, you’re eating, you might as well go to Australia’s oldest family-owned chocolate makers and grab some awesome chocolates too. I feel like I don’t even have to sell you on chocolates other than just telling you to go get some nice, creamy, tasty chocolatey goodness.

Now get outta the city and go…


North to Hahndorf

South Australia’s little German town, where migrants settled in the 19th century and families haven’t left. I love Germany and really want to go, so it’s a nice little place to satiate that love. With its beautiful homes and cottages, the businesses still pay homage to the roots of the architecture, great food and beer. While any time of year is a great time to visit Hahndorf, I went in the mid-autumn on a sunny day and it was beautiful. No pictures online have done it justice.



Or Go South-West To Glenelg

Get on the tram and go for a little trip to Glenelg, a little suburb that’s more like a town that gives off ‘village by the sea’ vibes. The perfect place to have a coffee in the morning and walk along the pier, or an ice cream at the beach to people or performance-watch. This is a place I absolutely, 100% recommend if you’re going to Adelaide.


H.M Gaol Adelaide

Go To Jail!

Not usually a place you want to go on holidays, but I do. The H.M. Gaol in/of Adelaide is now retired and hosts day and night time tours. The Evil Assistant and I went in the afternoon on a sunny day which was an amazing time to take photographs of the yards, props (I won’t spoil you by telling you what’s there, though) even The Hanging Tower. It’s beautiful, sad, and the only gaol I’ve been to so far that actually made me feel genuinely uneasy (and no, it wasn’t because of The Hanging Tower). A great place to photograph, learn some history and to take the kids if they start annoying you by pretending to leave them there!

Wander Around The North Terrace

Adelaide cemented itself as a good, solid walking city after I walked around the North Terrace. Now, there’s a lot of stuff within the North Terrace, including:

  • The Main campus for the University Of Adelaide
  • The National War Memorial
  • State Library of SA
  • The Art Gallery of SA, and
  • Adelaide Botanic Gardens

and that’s just some of the stuff you can find, but all incredibly beautiful in architecture and design.

Please do wander around and go from the beautiful churches and gothic fences around the Uni to the amazing Botanic Gardens, which house their own fun tales like it was on those same grounds where the Adelaide Lunatic Asylum was! How’s that for a Botanic Gardens, hey?


Yep, that’s right, the humble garden shed on the grounds was actually the morgue. Adelaide isn’t so boring now, is it?
Sadly, every time I’ve gone to Adelaide I’ve never had enough time to explore the Barossa Valley (I don’t drink wine but grapes are cool), see the cute sea lions on Kangaroo Island or Mount Lofty with its amazing views, but I hope this showed you that Adelaide isn’t as murdery or boring as you think.

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