Review: Kat Von D’s Saint Everlasting Liquid Lipstick


I can’t believe it’s been 10 months already since I last reviewed something from Kat Von D’s line, so I guess it’s time!

Since I’ve talked about the formulation and wearability last time, this time I think we’ll just compare how it feels to the Lolita just in case it feels different but talk more about the colour. It’s a short one, but I don’t want to bore you over something I’ve already bored you with before!

So a few months ago after smelling the Saint perfume and having crazy high school nostalgia from it, I kept looking at the pretty pink liquid lipstick that came with Saint in a duo. This limited edition colour is in the shade range I go for these days, and while I do like my bright reds, outrageous colours and Sinner-like colours, I’ve found in my old age (of 31) that it’s okay to like soft, dusty pink shades in makeup. And I’ve never been fond of pink, so it says a lot.

Saint is described as a ‘peachy rose’ and it seems like every lipstick or gloss I come across is called something like that. So, eyeing the Saint duo of a smaller sized liquid lipstick and the to-go fragrance, I bought the pack for $30 bucks, which I thought was a good price for two limited edition products that I like equally and will use.



Saint (top) with some other peaches and pinks.





Saint, compared to other peaches and pinks.


First thing I wanted to do is see if the formulation or wearability has changed with this shade since it is limited edition. I had The Evil Assistant try both and she said Saint felt a tiny bit thicker but not enough to be noticeable. She also felt she needed to put more than one layer on.



An absolutely shitty photograph of Lolita (top) and Saint (bottom). Under mostly white, artificial light.



In a strange twist, Saint looks great on The Evil Assistant, whose natural lip colour is close the swatches and in the tube, while it looks an almost a lighter, dusty, almost chalky colour on mine.
We did a double-check of our wrists to see if we’re different tones (she’s usually warmer and I’m more neutral) and we’re still reading as slightly different, so the only thing I can guess is it could possibly read truer to the colour if you’re a warmer tone.

Or I’m a freak.



Saint, photographed around mostly natural light. Natural light makes it look truer to swatch colours.

So basically I paid $15 bucks for this little guy and I’m kind of okay with it, although it looks washed out on me, I can put a more suitable colour on top, or just give EA my one (she bought one too, so she’d basically have a full size). It would be interesting to see this on someone with a yellow-based skin tone.
Like Lolita, it does feel good and is comfortable without making it feel too much like I have a mask on my lips.

In terms of repurchasing this particular shade, I wouldn’t even if I could get it at a sale price because it just doesn’t suit me. If I want something similar to what this looked like it was going to be, for me, I’ll grab a cheaper dupe.


Some dupes?

Anastasia Beverly Hills matte lipstick in Soft Pink 

ColourPop satin liquid lipstick in Dilly-Dally

Makeup Geek matte liquid lipstick in Goodie Two-Shoes

Cost: $30AUD ($3 jump from last year) Duo- unavailable, $20USD (no change) Duo- unavailable, £17 (£10 drop since last time- I think because it’s now stocked in the UK and I could only find the last one on Amazon) Duo- available
Would recommend?: Yes, but only if you have warmer tones.
Good for: Anyone who wants a pretty, soft pink.
Would try again?: No.

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