From Canada, With Love


My awesome friend sent me a belated birthday/Christmas x 3 (we’d been meaning to send each other presents for 3+ years), but last week I received an awesome box from her and I thought I’d show you some of the cool things I got, maybe some you might want me to review? I don’t know, but let’s have a peek.


Okay, the one thing I’m most excited to show you is the Mario x Shu Uemura set. It’s been 1000 years (okay, a few months, but in beauty release time, close to 1000 years) so I’m sure no one wants a review or spotlight on it, but I think everything except the liner is always available.


I’ve talked briefly about Cake Beauty before and I love their scents so much! My friend was nice enough to find me sets so I can change it up but still get that moisture as well as beautiful scents.




SAMPLES! Everyone loves samples, and I’m really excited to try the Born This Way by Too Faced as I haven’t been able to try it yet. Two things I have tried before are the Origins Night-A-Mins and GinZing moisturisers, both of which will really help me now that it’s winter here. Night-A-Mins is a thicker consistency moisturiser and really helps on winter nights where you need more moisture and comfort, which GinZing gives you that ZING in the morning.


Okay I know we can get Buenos here (I’m a big fan and am constantly buying a few each time I go to the store) and if I go to a sweets shop I can find Charleston Chews but it’s not the point. I fucking love Charleston Chews and they always remind me of Canada, so I’ll take my free Canadian treats, thank you.


And true friends buy you childish sweets and toys! Also beautiful pens from art galleries, locally made lip balm and your favourite aka the absolute best gum. TK Maxx is the only place that stocks Pür gum but it sells out so fast and is sometimes unavailable, so I was happy to get more.
Aren’t friends great?

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