YouTubers That Keep Me Sane



I’m not great when it comes to what’s hot, what’s new, what’s even happening right now anywhere (like, have you seen this blog? I’m the hungover, sleeping dude in the back of a van, constantly late for class), so I rely on some YouTube channels to let me know what’s happening, but most importantly to entertain me and cut through the bullshit.
I don’t have time. I have gone down too many video rabbit-hole ventures and am strangely getting more impatient as I get older.

So I’ve made a list of some YouTube channels I’m personally subscribed to that make my days more enjoyable.


For The Laughs..


Buttered Side Down

An absolutely underrated channel that has so much cool visual trickery rolled into a few minutes. The stories are so simple, funny and addicted, with my favourites being Cheating Death and PET ROCK! Yes, you’ll have feelings over a pet rock.


Cody Ko


Cody Ko made the funniest Vines, but love his calling out of YouTube comedians and cringe-worthy behaviour by others while being completely deprecating and taking the piss out of himself. When he loads a new video sister and I literally stop what we’re doing and watch his videos together because we love his content, and honestly, if we were on YouTube, we’d do something similar, but no one can do it better than Cody. Some of our favourites are his “These Things Suck/Fuck The Guy” and That’s Cringe videos with his friend, collaborator and fellow YouTuber, Noel Miller.


For The Laughs & Sweet Tunes…


Seth Everman


I absolutely adore Seth, so much so I even follow him on Tumblr and Twitter through my personal accounts. He is a musical genius in a 6’6″ bald, Swedish man. He loves games (Nintendo especially), sweet and adorable with the strongest-damn-eyebrows I’ve ever seen on a human.

He is mostly known for this video, but I actually love this one more because I love the songs in it. In fact, all of his videos are really good, but if you want to see a recent one where he actually talks and smiles, here’s a cute one.


For The Beauty…


Here For The Tea


I honestly would be lost in the beauty-influencer daze if it wasn’t for TFTT. To just say she is just a ‘drama channel’ would be such a copout to what ‘Tea does. Yeah, she talks about the professional drama surrounding beauty YouTubers/influencers and the like, but also reaches out to brands and influencers, and does comprehensive research without being biased on matters. She is an incredible and really nice person but when something isn’t right, she does call people out on it, which is really refreshing in this pocket of YouTube.
Her channel has helped not only consumers like us but bloggers like me in deciding who we want to put our focus on when it comes to showing you different brands, especially when companies start teaming up with influencers.


Thomas Halbert


You might have noticed that not only does living in Australia mean I’m late to a lot of news, buuuut I pretty much suck when it comes to what’s new and happening or anything along those lines. I’m basically running this blog two years behind everyone else, mostly because of my own teetering between laziness but insane business with other projects, but another reason is that I actually don’t follow any YouTube influencers – except one. Thomas “He might be younger than me but he’s a good mama” Halbert.
I fucking love Thomas. My Evil Assistant loves Thomas. Between is raw honesty and his love for memes, I find him fun and refreshing to watch. While some other influencers might come to your mind by ticking those boxes, Thomas doesn’t have an attitude or a meanness that I see with a lot of others, and he just treats people like people. Refreshing, right?!

I still feel like I haven’t done Thomas justice, so here are some videos I think you should watch and enjoy (and a link to his Twitter because I love his tweets)



For The Spoopy-Curious…


Ask A Mortician


Not only is Caitlin a mortician and answer a lot of questions we have surrounding the job, but also death itself and helping to make death a more discussed subject to take the fear and “myths” out of it. She discusses things in such detail but with such humour that makes it really educational but also like Death isn’t such a scary thing hunting you down, maybe more of that friend that will be coming over for dinner, but you just might not know when.
I don’t really have a favourite video, but one that has really helped me is about her cat, The Meow, as it helped and is still helping me with my own cat’s failing health and inevitable death.




When it comes to mysteries, the paranormal or any strange things, no one compares to Top5s. The cool thing is the man behind the account is a mystery as well, with only his soothing and comforting voice and the rare flash of a hand or back being the only things you know about him; letting his content be the star of the show. Speaking of content, it is amazing and thorough, while being entertaining and highly respectful to the people in the videos as well as the audience.
The Evil Assistant and I live for this kind of stuff, and while we know about a lot of the things he talks about, there’s always something new I take away from each video. I also really appreciate that if something new happens, whether new information or something is debunked, he makes sure the new info gets into a video.


For The YouTube-Curious And Mix Of Everything…

Nerd City


Sometimes a channel, article or writer comes along that is an incredible mix of editing, graphics, humour and information that you might actually subscribe or follow them after one video or post. That was me with Nerd City. I subscribed after binge-watching a couple of episodes then realising I hadn’t pressed the subscribed button.
As someone who works with videos and might possibly post to You Tube, I need all the info I can get, and if I can get it from a ridiculously good-looking couple, that doesn’t hurt either.
I don’t have any favourite videos because I genuinely like them all because of their quality content, however, I want to link you to their Try Hard Instagram Model playlist as well as good ole Doctor Downvote who breaks down everything You Tube, from the sites secret coding to the bullshit around some of the platforms more… questionable channels.

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