Review: Zoeva Luxe Cream Lipstick


So a few months ago when I went stupid at Sephora I actually got a free lipstick with the purchase of my awesome Zoeva foundation brush. That brush was actually the first time I’ve tried Zoeva and this lipstick is actually the first makeup I’ll be trying by the brand, so let’s see what it’s about!


Zoeva was founded Zoe Boikou, who “discovered a lack of high-quality, reasonably priced makeup brushes on the market. Taking matters into her own hands, she began selling makeup brushes on eBay in 2008.” The core of Zoeva’s message is quality products at a reasonable price and, holy geez, that is a message that delivers with Zoeva.
I know I never reviewed or showed off my 102 Silk Finish brush but it is honestly my favourite face brush I have because it’s so soft and holds it shape really well.
And the price, holy shit the price.


I got this prettyboy for $28AUD from Sephora, but you can get it for cheaper on the official Zoeva site for $24.80AUD. If you’re from the US or Canada, you might not realise how insane this is for non-North American suckers like me, but it means so much. I can get synthetic, cruelty-free, beautiful brushes for an amazing price.

And the price point transfers to the makeup, this lipstick if I bought it? Only $16.50AUD ($19 through Sephora). You know the last time I paid around that for a lipstick at a store was MAC when I lived in Canada almost ten years ago




Ingredients list.

So first up we have the usual ingredients are emollients or blind together and prevent separation as well as skin lubricants, conditioners that make application smooth and help the lips stay moisturised and thickeners. There’s also sunflower oil, mallow extract, elderflower extract, ivy extract, lichwort extract (from the nettle family, however it won’t sting you as it’s most likely an extract from the leaves, not the pollen, thus, defeating the point of being a moisturising lipstick), vitamin e, and titanium dioxide. Almost all of the ingredients are lipstick standards and there are no ingredients I’m uncomfortable with.



I really love this pewter-grey packaging with a magnetised closure. It’s so sleek and pretty but simple and recognisable.


The Nitty Gritty


The Luxe Cream lipstick swatches. This review is for One Wish, touted as a “dark violet”.

I was so happy to get One Wish, which is a dark, cherry red-based purple, or as the site calls it ‘dark violet’, which I find a pretty accurate description.


Artificial light


Natural light








It has a hint of a scent which is a plus and has a nice slip. It feels good on the lips and has a little bit of tack which I think is a good thing in lipsticks; anything to ‘slippery’ or easy to glide on makes it easy to bleed or move around.

I have to be honest in saying I haven’t tried the longevity of it, however after having it on for an hour then wiping it away with makeup remover there is a bit of a stain there from one of the pigments, so I would say it does have some staying power (FYI, micellar water wiped all remnants of a thick layer away).



One Wish, applied straight from the tube.


One Wish blotted, becoming more matte.

I really love the dramatic colour this has when applied as-is with that shine, but also blotted down to look more matte, with a lot of that red coming through. The Evil Assistant loved the blotted, matte look especially and we both agree it feels really comfortable on.

I have to say, between the price (and shipping!), the cool packaging as well as really nice colour and the simple ingredients, Zoeva has really done it for me as a stand-alone product and a brand itself. I’ve been trying to find a downside or a possible negative, but so far my lipstick and brush have been good to me. This is a brand I can absolutely get behind and endorse, I’m actually blown away.


Cost: $16.50AUD, $11.50USD (through Selfridges), £9.50
Would recommend: 1000% yes!
Good For: Anyone who wants a great lipstick but doesn’t want to pay for the fluff behind it.
Would Try Again? Any day, any time – even in my sleep.

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