$100 Beserk Haul!


I’ve been a fan of Beserk for such a long time after seeing their booth at a convention a few years ago. If you’ve never heard of them, they’re an Australian online store with fashion, accessories (including stuff for roller derby!), beauty and pop culture, basically, a one-stop shop that covers the more alternative and less mainstream items.

So The Evil Assistant gave me a gift voucher* for my birthday last year and I finally used it to get some of the most random items I wanted!

[* I want to add that I actually had an issue with my gift certificate and wasn’t sure if it was still valid but Beserk still upheld the gift voucher and were so speedy and nice with every email, it made me so happy and I will definitely use them again!]




First thing I bought was this awesome Funko Pop of Leland Palmer (in full Black Lodge mode) from Twin Peaks. I grew up with parents being fans of the show and I think this is probably the coolest pop they could do (aside from the Cooper and Laura duo!). I got lil Lee on sale for $11!





I love Archie McPhee novelties and when I saw this Illuminati storage box I knew I had to have it. It’s smaller than I thought but would be but I snagged it on sale for $11 as well, and I’m going to have fun just keeping it around the house for visitors to scratch their head over.



Aaaand my picks get a bit random now. I found a super cute “Prick” pin and some Medusa’s Makeup. The Cucumber Facial Toner is SO nice and smells exactly like cucumbers and Metal AF lip gloss in Cherry Pie (I’ll try to attach a swatch in soon, it’s hard to great a true picture of but very pretty on their site).
For different photography things, I bought new goggles and a red neon paint stick by Paint Glow, which I’m so excited to try when I get around to actually doing.




I really wanted to try some hair colours so for just $37 I managed to get three different hair colours. First is a cool orange by Paint Glow, as well as RoseGold and StarBright Silver by Sparks Hair Dye. I’ve wanted to go a nice silvery-grey for a while and this looks like an awesome shade-



Excusing the unbelievable photoshop, if the colour turns out like this, I will be so happy.


This is the RoseGold. Doesn’t it look amazing??




So along with some Hart Beat (remember them?!) candies and a great service like I said with my gift certificate, along with the site always having a sale as well as new items coming in, I absolutely recommend Beserk and all the weird and wonderful things they have. Now excuse me while I eat a strawberry Hart and open my door to the mailman wearing a fluffy robe and goggles.

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