The Best $2 I Have Ever Spent On My Face


As a former beauty advisor and all-round person who just needs to know stuff, I have tried a lot of different face cleansers, both manufactured and home-made. Lately, though, I’ve been scaling back as we could be moving (for real this time) and I finished up the last of my cleanser, so on a whim at the supermarket I bought something for $2 that has made me postpone using cleansers this winter.

Are you ready for it?

It’s a cloth. A microfibre cloth.

I built it up and put it under a Read More cut but I promise you it’s not clickbait; I really did spend $2 for a pair of microfibre clothes and it is the best decision I have made.

The reason I know it’s doing it’s job because (let’s bullet point!)-

  • It’s really helped with the cold winter mornings where I’m too busy/impatient to wait for water to warm up and splash face, etc.
  • Been kind of like a scrub and cleanser all in one which helps,
  • For the period time of the month. My breakouts have been virtually non-existent (also I’ve been consuming a lot of milky drinks which usually break me out around my mouth and chin and I’ve had basically none of that)
  • When I tone my face the cotton pad has no additional dirt, grease or makeup, meaning all of that is sticking to the cloth and not on my face.


What Makes Microfibre/er So Great?

Well if you’ve used a microfibre cloth ever, you would have noticed they pick up dust and dirt and retain it in the fibres without mooshing it around everywhere, effectively just spreading around whatever you’re trying to clean. Without going into it so much to bore you, it’s because of the fibres being split. These split fibres act like little antennae that pick everything up without letting go like the usual cotton cloths. You know how microfibre does that gross thing and stick to your fingers?


What To Look Out For

There’s only really one thing to look out for and one to consider. Most microfiber cleanings clothes have longer fibres and some have shorter fibres. Mine has shorter fibres and I personally like that for my face.



My pretty, lovely microfibre cloth.

Like I said above, if the cloth feels like it’s catching on your skin and sticking to your fingers, you have a microfiber, however since mine has shorter fibres, they don’t do that so much.

So, you wanna see mine after a few days of cleansing? Here you are-



Yep, sweaty nights included there! It might look insanely gross and unhygienic, but as this is mine (meaning I don’t share it with anyone else) and those sticky fibres retain all that gunk, it comes off my face and stays on the cloth until I was it- and washing it is so easy! I pop it into a wash of my towels but to really look after microfibre cloths you can take some pointers from this handy infographic from Homelization.
Before I leave you, I want also bring up that while this isn’t a new discovery as there’s a whole company dedicated to beauty microfibre cloths and other brands make their own, you don’t need any of those at all. Sure, they’re nicer colours and shapes, but they’re essentially the same materials made (or as we discussed earlier, split) the same way, it’s really done to if you like longer fibres or shorter fibres.. that’s it.


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