Con Tomorrow? Here Are Some Cosplay Ideas

Oz Comic Con Brisbane (and Sydney) are just around the corner with Supanova Comic Con & Gaming very soon, and since one of my favourite things to see is the cosplay ideas, I thought I’d help you out with some last-minute cosplay ideas!



Anyone From Archer

Archer has a variety of unique, funny characters that makes it pretty easy to spot an Archer cosplayer, but it’s the iconic illustration look that really attracts attention, especially when cosplayers do the strong shading and markings highlighted in the show.
I can’t find the original source or cosplayer’s social media, but this is one of the more popular examples out there. For Archer himself, a marked-out suit and makeup are really all you need. For Pam you could have a bear claw and ‘cocaine’ or her underground fight club look (with back tattoo), for Cheryl/Carol/Cristal etc., you really just need pearls, wig, and her scariness.



A Walker (from The Walking Dead) Or A Walkerised Character



If you have some skin safe paint or makeup, glue, tissues and some clothes to make dirty, you can always go as a walker from The Walking Dead. Depending on time, supplies and how crazy you want to get, the end result can really be as ‘human’ or as crazy as you want to get.

Here’s a video of The Special Effects Gurus, Greg Nicotero and Andy Schoneberg illustrating how simple products can get you a good zombie look.


To really amp it up, you can always go for a show character as a walker, like Shane when he turns or even Negan or Maggie.


Clark Kent



If being a walker is too messy and you want something simple but easily recognisable, go straight to the dude that’s apparently Superman! Clark Kent (with the Superman outfit underneath) only needs a suit (or at least formal pants and a white shirt) with a Superman shirt underneath and glasses. It’s super cute when little kids do it or whenever something minor, like someone tripping over happens and a ‘Clark’ comes in to help.


Civilian Steve Rogers, Jessica Jones

If you want to stay in the superhero world, go with characters in their civilian clothes, like Jessica Jones or Steve Rogers. Props that hint to who they are (the shield, Tony’s arc reactor, Gamora being her flawless self) are always fun.

Of course, you can always change it up a bit. Go as Black Widow holding the shield

…or you know… maybe Steve with Mjolnir…






Walter White



Sure, two iconic looks for Walter White have been done over and over again (Heisenberg and the yellow hazmat suit), but you rarely see anyone baring their legs for the above look which is still very recognisable- and possibly the cheapest- if making you feel a bit.. chilly..




Mario or Luigi



Maybe comic book characters aren’t your thing, perhaps you want to go the gaming route and pick the most popular brothers, Mario and Luigi!
The only thing you need is the colour of your choice and your moustache, although overalls are a bonus if you’re going with the original vibe, but I love a good cosplay crossover so.. maybe Luigi can wield Mjolnir… hmm



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