Ozzie Ozzie Oz Comic Con!


I’m exhausted, my feet are aching and my phone is dead but I have fairy floss and a Tekken shirt.

Where have I been? Oz Comic Con.


The ladies (one wearing my real life face) over at the Event Cinemas booth.

I feel like I have never chilled at an Oz Comic Con. I’m in my 30s now and get way too excited to look at toys and eat food. It’s like I’m a toddler that can pay for her own transport.

This year was the year of Infinity War, the Spiderman video game AND Venom, so for a Marvel freak like me, it was an adventure to scour different booths, including artist alley, and finding different art, weapons and figurines. There was also a Marvel area this year which had the Infinity Gauntlet, Groot and Black Panther, as well as this Spidermanception-


Even if you don’t like Marvel there are other ‘fandoms’ to participate in, talk with or just watch. There are always heaps of people who love both Star Wars and Star Trek and this year there were loads of Star Trek: The Next Generation fans there to see Gates McFadden.
Another person I was eager to see was Dichen Lachman from Altered Carbon and holy shit she’s even more gorgeous in person.


The really great thing about going to Oz Comic Con is that you don’t need to be interested in seeing a certain celebrity; you can solely go to celebrate really amazing artists and small business.

One artist alley stop that is always on my (and even my mum’s) list is Hungry Designs that are absolutely beautiful art that primarily focuses on female characters. They make postcards, greeting cards the coolest little brooches.



Hungry Designs

There is this unity of stars of different media, cosplay artists, content creators and artists, gaming and fun modern and nostalgic things which anyone can really enjoy. Of course, if you, say, are a horror fanatic and Robert Englund is a guest, walking around is going to be a paradise for you.



Could you imagine Madam Xenomorph coming next year?

While cosplay has always been a part of conventions and an easy way to celebrate and interact with other people attending, Spotlight actually had a big space this year dedicated to not only cosplay but creating your own everyday clothes.

Also, I saw a cosplay hospital (for all your mending needs) and this cool guy going around with his own little mend-up cart. How cool is that?


I have gone to every Brisbane Oz Comic Con since it started in 2014 and while it might still be trying to figure out its footing in some ways, it has given Brisbane chance to have even more guests and shine a light on this really great state but also the local artists and community we have around.

Before I leave you today, I want to say I saw a lot of great cosplay ideas; I saw Princess Peach carrying Bowser’s decapitated head, adorable Ragnarok Thor kids (girls and boys, even better!), but one shot my friend managed to snag?

Bob Rosspool.



All photos by Hydrogen Jukebox!

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