My 10 Favourite Apps

In my real life I get a lot of people asking me what apps to I like using or, mostly, what apps I use for my photography. Since I don’t actually like having lots of apps on my phone, I stay with Ole Faithfuls that I keep going back to.

So, for you today, I thought I’d show you what I use for photos, health and some fun!


Color Story

I know, I have three different photo apps, all for different purposes but Color Story is my quick go-to for Instagram and other social media where I can utilise a lot of free filters and editing tools. I’ve also been playing with sun flare in my photos and CS has a really nice sun flare option.




Polarr is so cool, I’m surprised it’s free. I can use a range of filters that give me 80s negative film effects, 90s art film effects, moody black and white as well as toning for my shadows and highlights and even lets you spot remove and liquify objects or faces. It’s like a little Photoshop-in-your-pocket and perfect for my photography.




Priime has the most beautiful filters I have ever seen in an app that easily transform any photo, which makes the most boring and unartistic of photos interesting in the press of a button. If I’m on location somewhere or for whatever reason don’t have enough time to fix a photo up with Polarr, I go straight to Priime; if Polarr is my Photoshop-in-my-pocket, Priime is my Photoshop Express.



Apple’s Health App


Like my photography apps, I use more than one health app for different things but Apple’s Health Data App collects all the info in one place that I can overview and even put different health records in, such as my clinical documents, body fat percentage, blood pressure and glucose. I can also create a medical ID to show my medical conditions or allergies. Also, the distance tracker seems more accurate to me that MyFitnessPal, but I’m not completely conclusive on that.

Speaking of MyFitnessPal…






Some people love MyFitnessPal, some people find its focus on calorie counting detrimental, especially in people with eating disorders. I don’t use it to count my calories (edit: I do keep an eye on it to make sure I’m getting enough while also not eating an excessive amount, but it’s still not my focus), however, I do use it to log my cardio and weights but I mainly to track my macros and nutrients, which I haven’t seen free in another app. You can change your goal (want to go keto? Slow carb? Check if you’re getting enough fibre or vitamin A? It’s all covered).




Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen



iTunes/ Google Play

I don’t know anything about Dr. Greger so this isn’t an endorsement for him; I actually downloaded this app because I wanted to track my servings to make sure I’m getting enough veggies and fruit in my diet. This has helped me make sure I’m getting enough of both but also checks that I don’t go over in my cruciferous veg (it disrupts my thyroid) but that I get my serving of berries, which are little things I haven’t found in another app.



So periods such but while I still have one I want to know when exactly it’s going to come to ruin my week. Not only does it log your period and try to calculate when your next cycle will be, you can also log and track period length, intensity and things like your mood and body patterns then give you relevant articles!





I know, I don’t shut up about Pinterest but I love it and use it so much that I use it more than any other app. Yep, above Instagram, Facebook, YouTube. While there are some updated features I don’t like (why pin things to Your Pinterest Likes board and just have the bloody ‘like’ feature again!) overall I do like the app, especially the fact that it’s so graphic- heavy and never freezes and rarely crashes.




Simon’s Cat Pop Time

You might have already noticed that I love the Simon’s Cat cartoons and I actually do play both of the app games, Crunch Time and Pop Time, but since I’m pissed off at this Crunch Time level I’ve been stuck on, we’re talking about Pop Time. I actually enjoy it more and the animations and the new characters are cute and hilarious, my favourite ‘monster’ being… The Vacuum.




Astrology Zone

I’ve been reading Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone website for years and I already enjoy astrology so I like having a daily horoscope on my phone, with the option of looking at yesterday and tomorrow’s forecasts as well.




Afterpay’s app

I love Afterpay and have talked about it here and there on here, but I find the app really handy with being able to see my balance when payments are going to come out and the handy in-store option. I actually had the opportunity to use it a few months ago when my sister and I went for an impromptu visit to Sephora and didn’t have enough for me purchase- in comes Afterpay app! Just followed the prompts to get the code, gave it to the beauty advisor and I was all set to go home with my goodies!







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