Venom is the Romance Movie I Was Hoping It Would Be

Some mood music before we begin-

Venom came out on Thursday and I have been so excited to see it. I love Venom in cartoons and the comics, so I thought I’d talk about the movie, what I liked, some things I didn’t really like so much, but mostly pointing to the fact I love Eddie and Venom together.

(Spoilers will be white text you can highlight if you want to see!)

Like all book-based movies these days, even comic book ones, there’s some difference between the stories. In the comics, Eddie Brock is a journalist whose big exposé story is discredited by Spider-Man when he exposes the identity of a serial killer as the wrong man-

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 11.28.34 am
Totally pissed off with Spider-Man, sad, and with no big cans of insect spray, Eddie is encouraged to go into a church which just so happens to have lil goopy Venom inside and kapow! A great union fed upon rage and bitterness is born.

Oh, the person who encourages him to go into the church?

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 11.40.12 am
Deadpool. Yep, the best person to take advise from.

In the movie though, we see Eddie, still as a reporter doing exposés which lands him a very brief interview with Life Foundation CEO, Carlton Drake, a guy with the biggest hard-on for symbiotes (what Venom is) and has a goal of merging symbiotes with humans to makes us cooler. Of course, Eddie gets into the facility after hearing about people becoming dead guinea pigs then – whaddya know – Venom seeps into him and we have Venom!

The movie storyline is as simple as that. What makes it though is the relationship between Eddie and Venom. While Eddie is more of a grumpy, mood dick in the comics (him uniting with Venom makes Eddie an anti-hero when he does work with Spider-Man, antagonist when he’s against him), the movie has him as our protagonist. They tried describing him pre-premiere and the past year as an anti-hero, but that doesn’t really come across in the film, especially when you see the contrast between Eddie and Venom.
I do love movie Venom. I love his voice which is close to how I always thought he’d sound like. I love the size of his mouth, his teeth and everything about the eye effect. I also like the height and size they made him and transitions they did around Eddie and Venom.



But most of all, I’m so glad I’m not the only one realising this beautiful, blooming romance. Hell, it was in the comics.


Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 11.25.43 am




I gotta admit, when it was around the 45 minute-ish mark and we didn’t have Venom yet I started to get worried, I didn’t think there would be enough Venom and Venom/Eddie interaction, but there was actually a great amount of time dedicated to them and seeing how they interact with each other and a bit of that struggle for power over Eddie’s body.
Yeah, there’s stuff I didn’t like, mainly the posters, especially the most popular theatrical poster, which I cringed at when I saw it. It looks like the worst copy-paste job, which seems to be the issue with this scene too.



Some things that I didn’t really like even though you didn’t ask and probably don’t care?

  • Michelle William’s wig. I hated it. It was so painfully obvious that it was a wig that it was distracting.
  • I actually didn’t care for the relationship between Anne and Eddie, [so much so I think it didn’t even need to be in the movie; it serves no benefit to the storyline. Her doctor boyfriend, Dan, was more beneficial to the progress of the story].


But, honestly? Almost everything I liked. It was fun and a lot came from the casting. I’m a huge Tom Hardy fan and now that I’ve seen the movie I believe he is still the best man to be Eddie Brock. I also love Riz Ahmed and seeing him play public-‘good-guy’-CEO-actually-an-asshole effortlessly shows his talent. I also LOVED Mrs Chen, played by Peggy Lu, and I’d pay just to see her in the inevitable sequel.
One little thing that was good in terms of storytelling was [how Eddie and Anne didn’t reunite. It’s just stupid if they got back together and I’m so glad that call wasn’t made]


Where Does Venom Fit Into The Marvel Comic-To-Movie Universe?

If you’re going into Venom wanting your full Marvel Cinematic Universe experience, you won’t get it. While Venom is a Marvel comic, Sony actually owns the rights to it and count it towards their own “Cinematic Universe”, aka “Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters” or SUMC, and Venom is that start of that journey, so it’s not actually connected to the MCU, which is owned by Disney. The only time Sony and Disney/Marvel ‘collaborated’ was with Spider-Man: Homecoming, and it was because Sony gave Disney permission to use the character.
It’s a shame, though, because I (along with many others) think this movie could have been a collaboration too. Even Tom Hardy wants an Avengers cross-over and who wouldn’t? I would love to see Tom Holland’s Spiderman with Tom [Hardy]’s Eddie and Venom and I know I’m not alone.


So, I know I rambled one and might have pressed some details more than others, but I really like this film, even though it really needs the Spidey connection to show the full contrast of the character of Peter (super great good-guy), Eddie (a middleman trying to do good but his emotions turn him into a dick) and Venom (would rather eat a grandma’s face). The best moments in the comics are when Venom and Spidey team up and you have great moments like this-

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 12.24.51 pm
If you want a fun movie you can go see and don’t care about the Venom history and are purely there to be entertained, or you’re a fan of Tom Hardy or Riz Ahmed, I think you’ll enjoy it. If you want to see a romantic comedy, see this movie.

A warning to anyone who gets epilepsy, though, there is a scene around the 45-55 minute mark when Eddie sneaks into the facility and there are flashing lights.


I do have a wishlist and if anyone over at Sony is reading, hello, and please:

  1. Get Spider-Man or at least allude to Spider-Man/Peter Parker SOMEWHERE.
  2. Mrs Chen in every movie going forth, please.
  3. Think about collaborating with Marvel and some of their writers. Homecoming worked!
  4. Don’t change anything about Venom. Not one thing. He’s perfect in every way.
  5. And don’t recast!



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