Ginger Spice Pfeffernusse Mummies!



For today’s Halloween post … we’re cheating. Well, let’s not call it cheating; we’re going to be upgrading a German classic treat into a cutie Halloweenie treat!

Great save by me yet again.

This Halloween Treat Transformation can be done with prepackaged biscuits like Twirls, Caramello Koalas, White Chocolate fingers, or treats you might usually make like White Christmas chocolates, cookies, Rice Krispie balls or bars and white chocolate pretzels.
The cookie I’m going to be Halloweening is a ginger spice cookie/biscuit called pfeffernüsse. This German treat was something that reminds me of my nanna, who would always have them on hand when my sister and I went to visit her.


Whether you’re buying your treat or making it, I find this works better on white treats, unless you’re prepared to ‘wrap’ your mummy up completely in icing or white chocolate.

Since pre-packaged pfeffernüsse come with a decent coating of hardened icing, it makes creating mummies easy. I didn’t want to just use more icing because it’ll just start tasting a bit sickly.

To change it up, I decided to go with white chocolate drizzled on top.



If you haven’t read our Chocolate Spiders post, head over as I’ll be using the microwave method again to melt the chocolate. Unlike the day I made them, it’s cool and hasn’t stopped raining, so I did another test batch, doing bursts of around 10-15, which came to about 40 seconds.



However, while making these, I was on a conference call with two other people so I did get distracted and they didn’t turn out as nicely as I thought I would, buuut eh. In hindsight, I would have actually used icing sugar to wrap my mummies up in as it would have given them a uniform colour and been easier to water down to my liking as the white chocolate – although warmed up enough to make running and easy to apply- did thicken up quickly.


That being said they still look fun and very unique. I did a few different variations of eyeballs; some with mini marshmallows I used for the chocolate spiders, some just with black gel I’m using for another Halloweenie project and some with gel mixed into some white chocolate.

No matter what you use to make these lil guys, they are so cute and weird but wonderful, they’re bound to be the treat little and big kids love.

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