10 Creepy Places in Brisbane

A Halloween-themed month wouldn’t be complete without some city haunts, so I thought I would list some well-known, and maybe some not-so-well-known haunts around Brisbane. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, or maybe just want to learn about some creepy places around, let us highlight some places that don’t even include Boggo Road Gaol!


Some of these places might not be available to the public or have their own rules about entering. Remember to do additional research before you go to any of these places and always be respectful.


Goodna Cemetery

Let’s start with a cemetery- and a popular one too! A natural bushland spanning around 5 hectares is the final resting place of around 200 bodies from the Brisbane Mental Hospital along with thousands of others, but it’s these spirits that seem to spur the haunting stories. Apparently being bruised and scratched is a ‘popular experience’ (not sure if this is one story regurgitated up over and over or it’s actually happened to many people. There’s also a story about a man hiding in his car from something, the ole ‘hand on your car’ story so I guess the only way to see is by checking it out yourself – just bear in mind this is still an active cemetery so, as always, be respectful.




Wharf Street Morgue


Down below Queen’s Wharf Road is the site of Brisbane’s former public morgue, a place that many people have passed and never knew it! It was actually built near the Brisbane River after many unexplained deaths occurring near it, however, the downside of having a building so close to the river means it was flooded a few times. Also it was close to government buildings, meaning people kind of.. smelt the guests at the morgue, which at one point had no refrigeration or air-con! Oh.. yeah and.. the rat thing.
While it might be creepy to some, I think it’s actually really cool and tells an interesting story of Brisbane’s recent history. Right now, though, the Wharf Street area is going through an “ohhhh, shiny!” redevelopment with a casino and other… stuff. I haven’t been up to that area in a while so I’m not sure if you can exactly go to that area right now, but it looks like the morgue area will come under the “Undercurrent Village” precinct that will “provide a ‘Wake Bar’ heritage site” which I guess they’ll keep the morgue there. I sincerely hope so.



Toowong Cemetery


Toowong Cemetery seems to be The Theme Park For The Dead because there is an endless stream of people who are creeped out by this surprisingly beautiful place, as well as the stories about Magnetic/ Spook Hill (which the scientific explanation sounds just as cool to me), the tombstone covered with moss and Walter Thomas Porriott, a person some people believe to have been Jack the Ripper. There’s also apparently a ‘pointy-toothed lady who wanders the graves near Avenue 12‘, a red substance supposedly leaking from the Mayne Family Crypt,  the 12th Avenue Vampire, the Angel of Death standing and hissing on the corner of 12th and 13th Avenue, the curious case of 13th Avenue itself and, you know, tombstones!



Tribal Theatre


I was getting excited to talk about this one and as I was researching I saw that Hillsong Church is taking over the Theatre which is.. the weirdest and possibly the scariest thing on this list.
Aside from that gem piece of info, Tribal Theatre was inner-city Brisbane’s coolest of cool cult-house cinema which everyone who has ever worked there or been around it for a lengthy amount of time all unanimously agree it’s haunted. Like this person’s account, I have also heard some interesting stories from people who used to work there as well as regular visitors of feeling shoved and the man in the suit.




Moira/Moyra’s House

If a picture is worth 1000 words, then Moyra’s House is a trilogy. Along with other bloggers and explorers, not much can be found about Moira (the apparent actual spelling of her name) or her abruptly abounded home. It’s truly frozen in time, with purses, toiletries, kitchen items and even old pennies still in their proper places.
Like I said, there isn’t much anyone has found out about Moira, other than her name and her parent’s suburb at the time of her marriage, leading to questions about who she is or was, where did she go, why her house was left with seemingly all of her belongings behind and why no family has come to clear the place.




Lutwyche Cemetery

I promise this is the last cemetery in this list but I want to include it because there aren’t many smaller cemeteries that are the resting place of airmen and soldiers of the Second World War, but also criminals, like John Andrew Stuart, who was convicted of firebombing the Whiskey Au Go Go which killed 15 people.

It wouldn’t be complete without its own haunted stories and just your usual feelings of dread and an apparent decaying smell that lingers around.




All of Wacol, basically


While not necessary in Brisbane or the immediate surrounds, Wacol is close to Goodna Cemetery and I’m including it. Yep, all of Wacol. Not just saying the correctional centres (aka prisons) or the former asylum which people seem to feel like is the scariest place in Australia, I’m just going to say the whole damn place.

[Note that The Park Centre for Mental Health is an active psychiatric hospital and there is the abandoned section still on the same grounds, you still need permission to enter. Also, people are there to get help so… don’t be a dick.]




Whepstead Manor

Wellington Point is one of the most beautiful spots along Brisbane’s bayside and it also has of one Brisbane’s oldest mansions on its hill.
But you’re not here for the real estate. An old mansion means, of course, this place has its own stories of hauntings and four spirits allegedly hang around the premises. Other stories include the lights being turned back on after being locked up and just your usual feelings of dread. Hope you like the smell of lavender.




Woodlands of Marburg

While on the subject of old, pretty mansions, the Woodlands of Marburg is a beautiful manor and a popular place for weddings or just visiting. It’s alleged the original homeowners love the place so much they haven’t left, with one of the former servants and some of the family being seen – as well as “priests who passed away within the Mansion after it was turned into a Seminary in 1945“. Good thing the mansion is big enough for everyone.



Orleigh Park, West End


Brisbane’s West End has all the great things Brisbane has to offer, including a pathway track to run along the Brisbane River and facilitated parks like Orleigh Park. However, on the night of October 20 1989, Tracey Wigginton became Brisbane’s “lesbian vampire” killer after brutally murdering Edward Baldock at the sailing club.
While there’s no recorded hauntings or anything like that, the fact that such a bizarre and horrific crime occurred in Brisbane is creepy enough.


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