This Is The Shampoo That Gets Me Through Sweaty Australian Summers



I’m gonna say this straight out of the gate.. the title is a lie; I use this shampoo exclusively. All year long. My greasy head needs it, but now it’s summer here and my hair doesn’t like being washed every day, so I really needed a shampoo that didn’t exacerbate the issue and cut through the sweat, grease, oil, grime, death- pretty much anything and everything.

Cue My.Organics! Or My Organics, whatever you prefer. It’s an Italian brand I found out about when browsing at Chemist Warehouse, needing a new shampoo that helps with my summer grease-mop situation. I normally don’t buy shampoo and conditioner from the store because it’s just cheap detergent shit that strips hair of natural oils, something I really need since I colour and lighten my hair. So seeing a shampoo that will help with my oily scalp, had neem (I’ll get to why in a sec), isn’t expensive and I can get up the road sounded too good to be true. That being said, I bought it (at the time it was on sale for $10) and was hoping for the best.

 So I’ve been around neem my entire life. It’s a great multipurpose plant where the oil is used as an antiseptic, antifungal and antihistamine that can have an anti-inflammatory effect. There are loads of others reasons it’s been used or contained in products mostly in toothpaste, soap, skincare aaand haircare! Neem oil is apparently good to generate hair growth, however there isn’t enough scientific evidence for that, but it is great for the scalp, especially in treating dandruff, soothing the scalp itself, a PH balancer and the fatty acids it contains are a great moisturiser. Honestly, I’m surprised neem hasn’t been hyped up as much as coconut oil yet (damnit, I think I just cursed it). Obviously, seeing that this company utilises neem was really exciting to me as I’ve seen neem work and have used it on and off for a long time.

While we’re on the topic, let’s take a look at the other ingredients-




Sodium Coceth Sulfate– derived from coconut oil fatty acids and ethylene oxide (oxirane). ‘A mild, foaming cleansing product that helps water mix with oil and dirt so it can be rinsed away’.
Cocamidopropyl betaine– a hair conditioner and foam booster which apparently has antiseptic properties. While it often doesn’t irritate the skin or mucous membranes, some people can find it a skin irritant . Something to keep in mind if you have very sensitive skin, especially on the scalp, or are prone to severe contact dermatitis.
Coco-glucoside– derived from coconut oil and glucose, like Sodium Coceth Sulfate it is a milder cleanser that helps water mix with oil and ‘helps increase the foaming capacity of a solution, and is particularly useful in hair care products, in which it has the ability to smooth out the hair structure and increase manageability‘.
Sodium chloride – just normal salt.
Melia Azadirachta seed oil/ Azadirachta indica – Neem!
Rheum palmatum (root extract)– Chinese rhubarb, ornamental rhubarb, Turkish rhubarb, Turkey rhubarb, Indian rhubarb, Russian rhubarb or rhubarb root, I think you get it now.
Along with orange peel oil, eucalyptus, fennel, peppermint oils, burdock, horsetail/snake grass, dandelion, vegetable protein, vitamin e, and Epilobium Fleischeri/ Alpine willowherb.



If you read through the ingredients, you might have noticed there are foaming agents and one, in particular, is prone to giving people skin irritations- including contact dermatitis- and since I’m usually one of those people, I wanted to mention my experience with it in this shampoo. I have been using this as my only shampoo for almost the whole year and personally haven’t found any irritation to my scalp. While I do still have some dry scalp, mine is from my hypothyroidism and hasn’t changed even when I trialled other haircare.

It’s amazing for cleansing my scalp and roots while not stripping either dry. I haven’t had any tightness or that gross dry feeling through my roots, which also give them a little volume which I wish was my language.

As I said earlier, I don’t use supermarket shampoos or conditioners and try to stay away from some of the ingredients in them and I don’t find them beneficial to my hair at all, and while this is more expensive than those products, I am very happy paying that little bit more for something that works for me. To be honest, shampoos can easily be double the price for the same amount and have similar ingredients, so I feel like I’m winning, regardless.

I definitely give it my recommendation, so if you see it and are curious, I say give it a go!

$AUD15 from chemists and some supermarkets (I get mine from Chemist Warehouse), not sure if it’s sold in North America but it is available in multiple European countries and from what I can find, some online UK stores.

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