Summer Lovin’ Ice Blocks


Whether you call them ice blocks, treats, pops or Steve Rogers, nothing beats something full of flavour and ice-cold on a summer’s day, so we thought we’d reign in the holiday season and almost the start of the worst weeks of a Queensland summer with some icy treats!

This is one of those great “dump all the ingredients in an appliance and let it do its thing”, what you really need is:


  1. Your desired frozen fruit (frozen is best because 1- cheaper and 2- sets much faster)
  2. Coconut milk or thickened cream (or any cream to give it a slightly creamy texture and thickens the mixture)
  3. Something to give another hint of flavour/sweetener


Want to see what I used?


coconut-chunks-frozenI didn’t realise how low we were on the berry mix so I used some coconut chunks to give it more form. You can’t have this stuff liquidy or they won’t form, and if it does freeze, it melts really fast.







As I used a Nutri (aka Magic) Bullet to blend the ingredients so I used amounts to fit inside the largest capsule that comes with the device.



I did search a lot of recipes and noticed quite a few used a few tablespoons of coconut milk which I thought was a great idea to make my ice blocks form and boost some of that nice coconut flavour..

..I accidentally poured the whole can in.

With no frozen berries left and already way too much coconut now in it, I did manage to find some tropical fruits and cranberries so think just turned into one fruit explosion.
This is where your sweetener/extra flavour ingredient comes in. I only had imitation vanilla but I popped a bit in along with maple. I love maple syrup so I added a little bit of that. Both you don’t want to add too much of because it gets overwhelming really fast and adds to that liquid that we’re trying to get rid of.


Now because I had enough time to make these, what I did next was pop it in the fridge for about half an hour to see how much liquid was left. There was quite a bit so I added more fruit in and popped it back in the fridge again for another half an hour.
Now it was a nice, chunky mix, ready for setting.

You can always do a test pop or just take a gamble and do it all in one. I suggest doing tests if you’re in a very humid or overall hot environment, or if you’re working with complicated molds.


My cute ice cream cone molds have a swirl which means I had to twist them out- and with liquid-y mixtures it just pulls the inner stick of the ‘cones’ right out.
However, once I got the chunky mix, I put them in the freezer and left them over night.




Look how they turned out, though! Refreshing, tasty and pretty damn healthy (if that’s something you’re looking for). I did add 1-2 tablespoons of thickened cream to one batch and they turned out really well too!

Another great hint if you just want a little bit as a refresher instead of making bigger batches is filling ice cream trays. Eat them on your own or add them to juices!


Summer Lovin’ Ice Blocks


Ingredients and Utensils:

  • At least 300g Frozen berry mix (or your desired frozen fruit)
  • 2tbs Coconut milk or thickened cream (or any cream to give it a slightly creamy texture and thickens the mixture). Coconut water is a great sub if you can’t handle or don’t like cream.
  • 2tbs of vanilla extract or maple syrup (or any flavour enhancer or natural sweetener, like honey)
  • Blender
  • Ice block molds (or anything that can be fashioned into some)



  1. Literally dump almost everything in your blender and start blending. I say “almost” in case you need to thicken your mix with your frozen fruit.
    If you have time, make a tester and freeze for two hours.
  2. Spoon into moulds and set for at least two hours, depending on your freezer. Overnight is best.
  3. Crack those suckers open and enjoy.

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