Sweet, Salty and Flaky: Feta Me Meli, A Greek Snack To Live Off Forever


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First off I just want to thank you all for your patience while I was gone. We are back to scheduled programming.. which I guess is my awful time management of this site!

I thought the best slide-back-into-your-lives post would be in the form of a smooth and crispy, salty and sweet snack using two ingredients that are the building block of Greek cuisine: feta and filo/phyllo pastry.

I love filo but I really hate working with it because it is so delicate and can dry so quickly, but that shouldn’t deter you from making this really tasty snack.
The absolute first thing you must do is get that filo out, laying flat and covered by a damp cloth. Filo is so thin it thaws very fast but it’s also the reason why it’s a pain to work with, but the damp cloth will keep it soft and easy to work with – just remember to always keep it covered.


Filo kept soft and happy under a damp cloth.


As the filo thaws you can grab your feta out and the excess brine drained. Feta in packet form, especially Greek feta, doesn’t have much brine but you will probably still need to let it sit in some paper towel.

Around this time you should turn the heat to medium-high on the stove and add some oil. If your stove top of pan needs more time to heat up, do it after dealing with your filo.

Now unwrap your feta and decide how you want to cut it. You could just wrap the whole block up in a few layers of filo and put it on the heat, however that is a lot of feta that overwhelms your mouth in one go so I highly recommend cutting it up. I used these little notices in my feta as cutting marks and as my block was pretty thick, I made three.


Using little notches already in my feta block, I cut it into three slices, about 1cm each.


Assemble time!

Gently peel away a sheet of feta from under your cloth and lay it out. Ideally you want to brush (or spray) oil in between each sheet, but if you have pieces come apart that you need to layer or stick together, or more than one come out don’t fret.

This picture below had one small sheet come out then when I went back to get one more, two bigger sized sheets came out so I just left it as that and continued. You can add more sheets if you have thicker slices.

Brushing or spraying the outside, place your feta inside and start wrapping it up. Some recipes tell you to fold it a specific way but you really don’t have to, just get the feta wrapped up. If you see air as you wrap up that’s normal and I feel it makes the end result flakier and not a thick, dense parcel.

Now It’s time to put them in the pan and get the outsides golden, which won’t take long at all. You might get some weird little sizzles but it’s just some of the brine hitting the pan.
Once both sides are a good colour, place them on a plate layered with paper towel.

The next step is getting that honey warmed enough just enough to drizzle over. Spoon some honey into a microwave-safe container and heat in 5 second intervals. If you have raw honey I noticed that adding a tiny bit of water in helps, but if your honey is already easy to drizzle you can skip this.


I tried this with some raw honey and added some water, which came to a nice consistency after 5 seconds in the microwave.

Now all you need to do is get it dressed! Pop your little parcels on a plate, drizzle your honey and for a nice extra flavour, add sesame seeds.


The Evil Assistant and I were trying to describe how it tastes but the best we could come up with was indescribably good. The smoothness and hint of sharpness of the feta cuts through the sweetness of the honey but the sweetness of the honey cuts through the sharpness of the feta, the filo makes it so flaky but then you have the feta with the smoothness… it’s a wild trip for the taste buds but it’s so damn good.
You can eat it with a knife and fork, you can carry it around and munch on it like the Greeks do, you can even cut the feta into finger length portions and have them as a little entree, honestly, it’s just a fun snacky treaty package that is so, so satisfying.


Feta Me Meli



Greek feta
Filo pastry
Olive oil (or just any oil to make filo layers and to cook in the pan)
Sesame seeds (optional)

  1. Prep filo by laying it flat and cover with a damp cloth.
  2. Prep feta by wrapping it in paper towel to drain excess brine. Unwrap and cut to your choosing.
  3. Gently peel away a sheet of feta lay flat. Spray or brush with oil and layer sheet until desired then spray borders.
  4. Place feta on top and start folding into parcels.
  5. Place parcels into preheated and oiled pan. Cook both sides for 2-3 minutes or until dark golden brown. Take off heat and set onto paper towel.
  6. [Optional] Warm honey if a thick consistency by placing into microwave and heating in 5 second bursts.
  7. Place parcel on plate, drizzle honey over and add sesame seeds. Best served immediately with an open mouth and unhinged jaw.

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