Rewind: Looking Back At 3 Discontinued Products Because We Can



As I will be on holiday for March, I wanted to leave you all with another beauty-based post! I actually had some discontinued but never used makeup products I still want to show in a post, and since there are so many makeup companies and millions of products out there, there are constantly products that are discontinued because they didn’t have the right marketing to get the word out successfully, including a new brand or line of products that are obsessed about and others fall off the radar. Or on the other end of the spectrum, they were just bad products.

We’re going to look at three products from three different brands and we’ll see if they were missed holy grails or a complete waste of time.

Note: These products are discontinued (from approx. 2016-2017) and, thus, possibly expired or close to expiry, which can affect the scent. I doubt these products will separation or that type of rancidity issues.
Any signs of expiry will be taken into consideration when reviewing.


 Sephora Rouge Infusion Lip Stain Peony No. 19


First off, I really love the packaging for this one; a slim n’ sleek test tube design with the little button on the top that gives an example of the shade.


Oddly, Sephora Australia currently stocks this, although it’s technically discontinued. So while it’s been formulated and I sells the shade I am looking at, I’m still including it in this post as I purchased mine during the original run.
That confusion aside, this originally sold for $14USD (approx. $17-18USD around the time of writing this post) which was a really good price, but to see if it was a good product and if it’s one that was a treasure and could easily make a comeback, we need to see if it lives up to the description.
The Evil Assistant and I do like lip and cheek stains and are used to working with them however this was different. Here are some of the things we said when applying, eyeing and blotting this off-

“It’s [applies] like a gloss.. but not glossy.”
“I think it has a liquid lipstick consistency, but it’s a stain..supposedly?”
“If I didn’t know this was a tint or stain, I would be confused.”
And I think that is why this product probably didn’t last. Stains aren’t as popular in North America and Australia as they are in South Korea, Japan and France, and when we do see stains, they are a more watery consistency, like Benetint. If you go into the reviews on Sephora’s website, it seems like people were confused about this product too, and that’s not even talking about the huge difference between what it’s supposed to look like and what it actually looks like.



One thin layers applied. No matter what we did, we couldn’t get the colour to reflect what it’s sold to be.



It was part of their ‘Neutrals’ yet it isn’t a neutral colour. It is a colour peonies can be but isn’t the same as what was advertised, and yet, The Evil Assistant and I both really liked the colour that it came out- although it was different depending on how long you leave it on, if you blot or wipe it off to see the real stain.
As I left mine on longer and blotted excess off I looked like I was eating red ice blocks all afternoon (shoutout to raspberry and fairy floss Zooper Doopers). Still, I really liked the colour.
For Evil Assistant though, she left hers on for around five minutes before wiping one side off.



Left: Stain left on for a few minutes before being completely wiped off. Right: Stain left on. Both only one thin layer.



Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick in Coral Blossom



While you will see this line on the website, it’s not actually available and hasn’t been for a while; I think it was discontinued in mid-2017 but.. don’t quote me on that.

The packaging is incredible; made of very strong and durable card making it environmentally friendly. The inner tube holding the lipstick seems to be all plastic, so I’m pretty sure all of the packing then is recyclable.
While the different prints the packaging came in might not be to everyone’s taste, it is in line with Tarte always changing their packaging but keeping their on-brand purple shade throughout their designs. Sidenote: it makes it easy to find when it’s in your drawer or bag.

It was originally $16USD with a markup of only a dollar before being discontinued which is a great price for a lipstick.
However, as it’s sold as a ‘butter lipstick’, I’m expecting this to be more about nourishing ingredients that melt onto the lips than pigmented colour followed by wearability/staying power.

The first thing that surprises me about this is that it’s minty which I was absolutely not expecting, but the tingle does perk me up (and I love mint stuff so this is up my alley) and it isn’t overwhelming nor does it burn. I also give this to The Evil Assistant to try as she had windburn around her mouth recently but she didn’t feel any discomfort.

While this pinky-salmon colour doesn’t suit me, it is a good amount of colour without it being too much or too subtle.


A lipstick like butter lipsticks definitely have a place in the market although most people aren’t really going out to specifically find them. Usually someone who wants some colour but a lipstick that is more about feeling nice on the lips and keeps them hydrated in a way that normal lipsticks don’t achieve.
I think these lipsticks fit right into the Amazonian line because of the ingredients, and I think the price was good for it.

However, while I like this product I can understand why it was discontinued; unless someone well known was talking about butter lipsticks or this line in particular, I don’t think they are a permenant fixture type of product or warranting a ‘cult following’. Also, while there are buyers that are looking for this specific product, it would be a small, almost niche market and I don’t think they would be exclusively using butter lipsticks.

Personally, I like it, but unless someone well known, liked and honest would market a product like this, I don’t think it warrants a comeback.




Korres Provitamin B5 & Rice Bran Mascara


I love me some Korres, especially some of their makeup which they sadly don’t really do anymore, instead focusing on skincare, which is a shame because their Abyssinian mascara was one of my favourites.



So I went to take pictures of the mascara and…. well…
So….. yeah. We won’t be reviewing that. PLOT TWIST! Ya get two products!

I mean I can drop some eye drops or maaaaybe vitamin e oil inside and get it un..dried, however it smells a bit so it’s way after expiry. I am kind of curious.. maybe I’ll show you how that goes on Instagram or Twitter.


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