Here Are Some Of My Living VS Dying and other Theories For Avengers: Endgame

Tomorrow at 8am, along with many others, I will see Avengers: Endgame. This is the end and my head has been on constant Charlie Day, Always Sunny Conspiracy mode for the past year but hooo boy has it been amped up in the last few days.

I thought it’s best time to rant oh god I don’t want to see it anymore this has been part of my life for ten years and can’t everyone be happy just god be happy talk about some theories I have and who I think might live or, ugh, die in this last Avengers movie.

Even though I saw those first leaked set pictures from a while ago, any theories pertaining to it will be down the very bottom in white text you must highlight to see [like this! Hi!]. Other than theories pertaining to that, this post won’t have any spoilers; this is just my ramblings from what I know from the comics and have been and what have stuck out to me from previous movies, like I did on this post.



Scott Lang


The last time we saw Scott he was stuck in the Quantum Realm after going into the Quantum Tunnel to get healing particles. We already know that he makes it out, most likely the same way he makes it back out in Ant-Man and the Wasp only he is all alone with none of the Pym’s to help him. I think after discovering what has happened will spur him to go to the Avengers compound with everything he has and to do anything- including risking his life- to bring people back. I’m certain his daughter, Cassie, is gone, otherwise he might not be so involved with whatever plan the Avengers have, which makes him a man that has nothing to lose.

I also think Scott, the Quantum Realm and Pym Tech will be incredibly important to the events that take place and believe the very popular theory that the thousands of glowing lights suddenly swirling around Scott when he’s gone subatomicare possibly something to do with the now-deceased souls. Remember this is a place only three people (Scott, Janet’s Wasp and Stephen Strange) have been and very few know anything about but it is it’s own universe. Look.. it’s a lot, but I think there is something there.

With that said I think Scott will live and be an important role in the next phase and most likely featured in other storylines (i.e., Hawkeye).





My mate, my dude, my bro. He’s been through so much. I’m actually not sure where they’ll take Thor now that everyone around him is dead, but I feel Thor will communicate and live on Earth now that Asgard is gone and he is the protector of Midgard. I’d like to think that even though a lot of his comic arcs are now gone he will still be an integral part joining space/other realms to Earth. However, that isn’t my full theory, for the rest, you’ll have to scroll to the bottom.
Future status: Alive or I fucking swear I’m going to Marvel HQ.
Sidenote, Valkyrie: She’s alive.
Sidenote, Korg: He better be alive.



Natasha Romanov

Natasha has her own movie coming out soon and by all accounts it sounds like a prequel which, even though I’m sick of prequels and origin stories, hers would be awesome.
A side note though: her training and life have made built a really great mask of stoic-ness (it’s a word now) and unflinching strength, however, it’ll be interesting to see how the aftermath of part 1 have affected her and what will happen in p2.
Back to Endgame status, I guess it depends if they will keep her as a confidente of Hawkeye and other characters (we’ll talk about that below) for the future or have her time end.
Aside from what would be a great prequel, her main storyline or cameos, I’m not that confident she’ll live. I keep going back and forth and I am still so unsure. Along with Thor she’s actually the one I’m unsure of the most.
Future status: Most likely dead.


Bruce Banner/ The Hulk


Poor Hulk! My dude! My big fuckin’ DUDE. His ego was bashed by Thanos in IW. As you have probably noticed I adore Bruce and Hulk and I think Bruce will be trying to get through to the Hulk so he can come out and avenge and smash. I think Hulk WILL come back out and have a bit of fisticuff fun with Big Strained Scrotum. I also feel like he would hold his own while other things are taking place, whether he gets severely injured remains to be seen.
Moving away from Hulk for a second and talk about Bruce. I think he will be a huge asset to anything to do with the Quantum Realm and helping from a scientific point-of-view, and because of those things, I think he will live. He fucking better.
Future status: Alive.


Clint Barton


The Most Underrated Character and one of my absolute favourites is back! His family … not so much. I wrote this somewhere else which has turned out surprisingly accurate-

I don’t think Clint disappeared like in the comics (which is why, before p1, I thought we never saw him) however it’s very likely that the absence of his family or being closed off and hidden away with them would compel him to go against rules and what he feels is right (ala Civil War).

We know Disney+ have a Hawkeye series in the works and if you know Clint/Hawkeye in the comics, he does plenty of crossovers and teamups (my all time favourite being Hawkeye vs Deadpool, followed by Hawkeye and the Winter Soldier). I think he is a character that can easily slide into another series or movie.
Future status: Alive.

Sidenote: I’m so happy that Russo bros directed Civil War and the screenwriters paid attention to bringing comic book Clint to the screen, with all of his great lines, sarcasm and relatability.



Tony Stark


Poor Tones, this is what he never wanted, always feared in a way, but he has his core Avengers to avenge the fuck out of everyone but he needs possibly Wong’s help (more on that below) to get the upper hand on Thanos. They tried temporarily playing with time and space when him, Peter, Peter 2, Drax, Mantis and Stephen were fighting that huge, straining, purple ballsack, so he’ll probably use time, Pym Tech and possibly the Quantum Realm itself to defeat Thanos. He does have the resources available, even if it’s a mix of his own, Wakanda’s, Scott/Pym Tech (even Rocket’s expertise) to make another glove, retrieve or destroy the Stones (again, more on the Stones below).
To be honest, I’m not sure what lies ahead for Tony. Not only is RDJ’s contract up but Gwenyth Paltrow is out too, and Pepper is the only person Tony truly cares for but gets scared to lose the most. He either stays alive almost as a protecting role sacrifices himself, and I don’t know which one I’m swinging to more because it seems obvious to kill Tony off, but maybe Tony will love on in some way.. I don’t know???!!!??
Future status: Unknown.



Steve Rogers


I had to leave Steve until the end because this is the hardest to theorise and I just don’t want to think about the outcomes. We all thought Steve was going to die in IW and how fucking wrong we were (I remember I was half-slumped in my seat looking exactly like Michael from The Office every time it cut to Steve fighting)


yep. that.


For years I’ve been wondering if movie Steve will go one of two comic book routes: he retires, which isn’t too far from what he’s done as a nomad and wanting to remove himself from the Captain America image. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking Steve retiring is a great move because he’s still alive and can help whenever he wants yet still trying to have some sort of normal life.
The only reason I doubt this would happen in the movies is Steve has always been shown to continue fighting no matter how injured or beaten down he is. “I can do this all day”? Yeah that is the epitome of that lil Brooklyn kid, and just because he’s a beefcake Apollo marvel (pun possibly intended) doesn’t mean he’ll bounce back every time.
I’m sorry to say- trust me, I don’t want to fucking say it– but I think it has been building up to his ‘death’. Whatever kind of death that is remains to be seen. There is no way Steve will let anyone, especially his friends, get into trouble while his little stubborn heart is goddamn beating. Steve has been shown he’d rather die than kill his childhood friend, he’ll go against governments for what he believes is right for people and their freedom, and the only thing that will stop him from defending others and defeating Thanos is literally sacrificing himself.

The other theory I’ve been thinking about a lot is along the theory of the Quantum Realm houses souls or the particles that make up the souls of everyone that ashed up. What if Steve sacrificed himself in some way for those souls, maybe become stuck or purposely putting himself there.
Future status: Dead/possibly sacrifice himself for the souls of the lost so…kind of dead but still living on…?

So, we can’t talk about Captain America without talking about…




Whatever happens to Steve, it leaves the Cap seat empty. Before  Black Panther, I would have said my dude Sam Wilson was actually ready to take the shield mantel over Bucky as he was iced, armless and a bit fucked up still. Sam was trained, thawed, had both arms and mentally stable to lead other. Again, it’s something I’ve been mulling about for a few years (since Winter Soldier) and the fact that both Sam and Bucky do actually become Captain America in the comics gives both outcomes plausibility.
However now that Bucky is .. well, before being ash was thawed and getting in touch with his Wakanadan side, he seems to be in a better position mentally and emotionally to don the spandex.
Cap Bucky absolutely wouldn’t happen right away. There is no way after Steve’s death (or even retirement) that Bucky would even think about replacing his friend in any way. Bucky wouldn’t feel ‘worthy’ to be such an iconic, patriotic figure, one that his best friend more or less created and lived up to, seeing as the public remembers Bucky as the opposite; a terrorist and killer. Either way, it would be something down the line, well after the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series. I think it might be only if it’s Steve himself who hands him the task or other character’s pleading (maybe T’Challa’s) that will persuade him, out of the two though I feel like Steve insisting he takes his place as some the bigger persuader. Again, this is literally in years time, and so far it looks like the next phase is already mapped out.



Some Other Theories Because Why Not


Vision: I think Vision will come back as his ‘colourless’ (I can’t remember if he got a different name in the comics so Colourless Vision he is) counterpart as Shuri was uploading him but didn’t get to finish. Colourless Vision – like in the comics – will come back but won’t have that cute humane/emotional part about him. I think Shuri will probably be the one rebuilding him.
Future status: ‘Alive’/ mechanically functioning?

Nebula: Nebula’s family are either dead or fucking suck but I keep thinking about this part in the comics where she actually wields the glove and reverses everything. I’ve been thinking this might happen for a while and now that I’ve seen IW, it seems a probable route. Her and Gamora were on better terms and fighting Thanos together, and it wouldn’t be far-fetched that she puts on the Gauntlet and reverses what Thanos did, bringing back Gamora then actually being the one to kill Thanos.
Future status: Alive.

Shuri: As I mentioned in Tony’s part, as the temp leader of Wakanda and loss of T’Challa, Shuri will have a lot on her plate. Yes, I still think she’s alive. Am I in denial? Maybe. Yet I think she will be the one to help reanimate Vision and help with The Big Plan. Shuri does don the Black Panther outfit in the comics and we know she has some other outfits laying around, whether she wants to do it is up in the air. It would be great to see her don it, even for a small scene.
Future status: Alive because you can’t just kill her, right? Right?


The Infinity Stones & Theories About On-Set Photos

I have a lot of questions about the Stones and their role in this movie. If you want to read about those early leaked on-set photos and some things about the stones, please highlight below this sentence.

[Can you see me? HI! Anyway If you saw the photos of Cap, Iron Man and Ant-Man on set with weird steampunky looking gadgets on their hand, it has been speculated that it’s a time travel device, harnessing the power from either the Quantum Realm, Particles or even the Time Stone itself. Yes, the Stones are destroyed but.. why?

It shocked me when the glove was destroyed because apparently it’s known what happens when you put the glove on, but nothing has ever been said about the thing shitting itself after you start a finger-clicking, chorus tune.

Then it hit me. I was watching the 12 Monkeys tv series and in the first episode, the main character, James Cole, shows virologist Cassie Railly what her watch from the future and the present do when they’re very close to each other-





As Cole says in the same episode “Mother Nature doesn’t like it when you rearrange her furniture.”
Why am I saying this? The snapped worked so it doesn’t matter.

Only that Stephen Strange knew the only outcome where they win, and he just so happens to be the Proud Mother to the Time Stone. And we have all these ‘time’ themes concerning time travel and the Quantum Realm (a place where reality and time don’t exist but a place Strange has been too nonetheless).
Perhaps at that moment Thanos had the Time Stone, he unwittingly didn’t know that the future Time Stone was around, creating a paradox.

Or fuck, maybe that paradox actually hasn’t happened yet, maybe we’re (meaning I am) missing a key part, but it still ends with a paradox.

Oh god I am so tired. Look, we’ll get off paradoxes.

I think the answer is in the Time Stone, whether to create a paradox/has created one, to unlock the Quantum Realm (in which unlocks a change in reality which goes on to fool Thanos), or something along those lines.


So if at the end the Stones are saved, what then?

In the comics there are different protectors for each stone (it changes constantly but you usually see Adam Warlock and Strange’s name somewhere), but there is a time where both Tony and Steve are said protectors.

This is where I think the end story of mostly Steve ends, because Cap does protect the Time stone, and how poetic that the man “out of time” that has never fitted in or settled down to the current surroundings so the Time Stone protector.
I think there is a good change the Stones will be restored and protected. Stephen Strange is a very good protector to the Time Stone, but he can also alter reality, thus, protect the Reality Stone.
Tony actually protects the Stone that has plagued him since the first Avengers movie; the Space Stone, held in the Tesseract. Would he find a safe place for him and Pepper to spend their days? Maybe.
The other ones I haven’t thought about because I’m really focussed on the idea of Steve holding the Time Stone and possibly using it to go back and right the wrong of HYDRA and thus, a HYDRA-infected S.H.I.E.L.D., save Bucky and by extent Howard Stark, and most importantly, finally get the love of his life, Peggy Carter.

It’s a bold fucking idea, I know; it fucks up so many timelines and stories that it is a far reach, but wouldn’t it be the risk Steve would take to set things right?]


Listen, this is almost 3000 words and I have literally been typing on and off, so much of this is pure speculation mixed with insomnia-induced ranting, but it’s from a place of love and appreciation. I’m so thankful for these movies and everyone involved. I’ve met so many great people over the years thanks to the mutual love that it’s going to be weird for this to come to an end, but I hope you’ve enjoyed this as much as I have, I hope you share this and maybe put some of your family and friend’s brains at ease..


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