Lazy n’ Tasty Apple Galettes



So I’m still sad about Avengers Endgame and literally could not be assed to rant once again so we’re gonna make a beautiful, open-faced apple galette that the French would definitely not do this way because I’m lazy and love puff pastry.



Now you can make your own pastry dough and even custard for this as there are plenty of examples online, however I don’t have the time or the waking capacity to do that, so I’m going with puff pastry as my casing. Puff pastry is so good for this because you can manipulate it easy with it breaking on you (as long as it’s thawed out enough) and it has a really nice crispy and flaky quality to it that goes so well with apples or really any fruit galette.
Honestly the thing that takes the longest in regards to prep for these galettes is waiting for your pastry sheets to thaw, so grab them out and get them on their way.

Next is the filling. You can really use any apple you have or can get your hands on easily because when adding lemon and sugar, it draws out the liquid, making them tender and  helps with the baking process. It really just depends on the end flavour you want, but if an apple is an apple to you, grab whatever you want.
I used two royal gala apples for this recipe (in hindsight, it’s best having more and enjoy some nice leftover pieces). I like the royal gala because it’s sweet -but not too sweet like a granny smith- and crispy, which works really well for a dish like this.

After you peel, core and cut them (I don’t have a corer so I just cut off each side as close to the core as possible), place them in a bowl along with cinnamon, a squeeze of lemon and sugar. If you don’t want to use sugar, maple syrup is a great alternative which brings it’s own tasty flavour, or even add a dash of vanilla. Give everything a stir then check back in with that puff pastry.
For a more traditional, circular galette, spoon your mix in the middle of the pastry and start folding the outside towards the middle, overlapping as you go. I kept some of the mix to the side to try another little design then drizzled the last bit of any liquid over both.
All you need to do now is egg wash and, if you want to be extra sweet, sprinkle some brown sugar over the pastry before placing them on baking paper and popping them in a preheated oven for 20 minutes at 200C/ around 400F.
My rectangle one didn’t take long at all since it was completely flat, so I took that one out and centered the circular one, drizzled some maple up top and popped it back in for about 5 minutes.


Once golden, take out and allow to cool for a few minutes until you can easily cut and serve or inhale instantly.


That’s it! Delicious dessert or treat you can do in no time but can impress friends and family or just yourself!


Lazy n’ Tasty Apple Galettes




At least 2 apples
1/3 lemon
Maple syrup (optional but I recommend)
Sugar (can be substituted for maple syrup)
Puff pastry



  1. Preheat your oven on 180-200C.
  2. Set aside pastry sheets to thaw
  3. Peel, core and cut apples. Place in bowl.
  4. Add cinnamon and maple syrup to bowl, if not using maple, add 1-2 teaspoons of sugar. Squeeze in lemon and stir to combine. Try one for taste and change if wanted.
  5. Circular – Pour mix into centre of puff pastry and fold towards centre, overlapping pastry as you go around. Drizzle remaining liquid over top.
    Flat- Lightly score 1cm in from the outside so pastry can puff up. Place apple slices along the centre. Drizzle liquid over top.
  6. Crack and whisk egg in a small bowl and apply wash to the outside of the pastries.
  7. Place galettes on baking sheet, sprin and bake for 20 minutes or until pastry is golden.
  8. Take out and let cool for a few minutes before drizzling honey or maple syrup over and enjoy.

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