Review/FI time!: Sephora Avengers-themed Brush Set

It’s been a month since I felt empty inside aka Avengers: Endgame premiered and now Sephora Australia have dropped their limited edition Marvel brushes, along with some brand-spankin’ new makeup pieces. For today though I have the brush set so let’s dive in and have a closer look!

The first thing I noticed when I got my extremely large box (yes, I got this in a plain 18×12 inch box) that it had no Sephora markings until I dug to the bottom and found the brush set. Then I noticed it’s actually in Chinese on the back and from Sephora China. Curious, I looked it up and apparently China and some southeast Asian countries actually were the first to get this collection, then Australia/NZ, followed by the rest of the world later this year (I don’t know why this is, but apparently that’s how it’s been planned).
As well as finally getting this set after three attempts (it constantly sold out), it makes sense that to fill the sudden demand, Sephora Oz pretty much got these straight from China and immediately sent them from there.
With that mystery solved, I needed to see if the quality will still be the same. Let’s have a look..




This five-piece brush set consists of:

  • Powder brush
  • Slanted blush brush
  • Two different eye shadow brushes, and
  • Smudging eyeshadow/liner brush



Avengers-MARVEL- Sephora-handles

The holographic, diamond-cut handles are a nice touch!

All of the brushes have a nice little bit of weight in the silver part while still being nice and light. I love the holographic, crystally-diamondy-cut handles.

The bristles are incredibly soft, so soft that I actually sat in silence with my eyes closed brushing the powder brush over my face. It is like air.
So now we gotta test them out.


Avengers-MARVEL- Sephora-Powder-brush
The powder brush has a rounded top. I’m usually not a fan of powder brushes because the bristles can be too long but the length of this is nice.
I tried it with different face powders and although I had to load quite a bit on it gave a nice, soft application.


Avengers-MARVEL- Sephora-angle-blush-brush


The blush brush comes slanted and a little narrower (see pic below), which gives a subtle look. I found it easy to control where I put colour and blurrs easily.


Avengers-MARVEL- Sephora-blush-brush.


Next up is the smudging eyeshadow/ thick liner brush. I compared it with my still pretty new Sephora Pro 11 smudge brush  which is soft but geez, this lil guy is soft.

Avengers-MARVEL- Sephora-smudging-brush-comparison


The only downside to a softer brush is a softer application, as you can see below-


Avengers-MARVEL- Sephora-smudging-brush-swatch

(L-R) Sephora smudge brush example vs Sephora Marvel brush example, Marvel brush with more loaded.


I had to load a bit more product up on the brush but damn I loved how it applied and looked. Like, look at how nice that looks!



The flat eyeshadow brush also needs more product loaded onto it compared to my Dior brush (pictured above on the right), but I think that’s more because my Dior brush is slightly more tightly compacted near the middle to apply more concentrated colour.


Avengers-MARVEL- Sephora-shadow-swatch

Dior shadow brush swatch vs Sephora Marvel swatch.

I think because of of how small and soft the shadow brush is, it gives it versatility as it could be used in contouring areas such as the nose.


Avengers-MARVEL- Sephora-crease-brush


The last brush is a rounded blending brush. This one is perfect for the eye crease, especially hooded lids and overall better precision and more control because of how small it is.


As it’s similar to my Nude by Nature blending brush I decided to use it as a comparison. Even though my NbN brush is really nice and soft, this one is softer, but like the other brushes that means I had to load more onto the brush. As this is a versatile blending brush, that’s not really a problem, but I thought I should add it as just a mere observation.
For $54 ($10.80 a brush) I think this set is an absolute steal, and I’m not just saying that because they’re Marvel. I was very apprehensive that these were just some cheap brushes with logos slapped on them and they would shed a ton before I even used them but I have no shedding or any other issues with the brushes thus far. Even loading more product onto the brushes isn’t that big of an issue as I like the opportunity to build colours. I adore the soft feel. It definitely gets my recommendation.





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