You Should REALLY Be Using Pinterest’s Secret Boards



Be surprised! This isn’t a sponsored or affiliated post, I’m just going to annoy you with how beneficial Pinterest’s ‘secret boards’ are. If you don’t have Pinterest or think it’s for drunk baby boomer mums to collect “Live, Laugh, Love” logos for stamping, you’re missing out. It’s a great way to virtually collect and catalogue anything you could ever imagine, saving paper and ink on physical boards and also room on your computer. As you can see from our official Pinterest page, we use it to put our own articles onto Pinterest as well as save anything we find anywhere online and the site itself.

What you might not know is that you can create super secret boards; ones only you or whomever you invite, can see and contribute to.
Here are some uses for those boards, including some of my own!



Temporary Boards

From home renovations to helping to plan a wedding, anything you don’t think will be online for long or has personal pictures you don’t want shared publicly can go here

  • Pregnancy
  • Upcoming trip
  • Presentations and assignments
  • Moving out or any other home stuff




Gifts for Others

The first secret board I ever made was for gift ideas for family and friends, which helps when you are as forgetful as I am and aren’t sure who likes what. Pins already up on the site have great links which can turn a good thing into a two-long rabbit hole into things you maybe want… but I mean… ideas!




Parties or Date Ideas


If you have friends a one that you date, you can squirrel away surprise party ideas, normal party ideas… non-normal ones too, I suppose, and date night ideas for those of us who talk to human beings and not the cat and tv whenever House Hunters is on.




Personal Goals and Dreams


Maybe you don’t want to advertise all your hopes, wishes, dreams and goals to the world. You can make a secret board and fill it to your hearts content! I have a 2019 board where a lot of my leftover and in-progress goals will carry over to 2020 with all the sub-catagories inside of different hair colours, dorky fun stuff and inspiring little pictures.




Works/Hobbies in Progress (WIPs/HIPs)


I have so, so many secret boards for each of my blogging and photo ideas, as well as things I want to learn, crafting techniques and photography theory that I want to come back to. If you’re someone who wants to surprise someone with playing their favourite song for them, this is great reason to have a board like this private, as well as any creative WIPs that you feel might be stolen or not credited back to you.




Collabs and Work Boards!

Whether it be with loved ones or a business partner, or yourself between accounts, secret boards are awesome collaborating tools to gather and bounce ideas. You can create mood boards, ones for different projects and assignments including delegating and commenting on different pins while keeping everything in one, secret place.
I have a secret blogging board collected from my personal account to the SDS Pinterest account.



Your Crazy Obsessions, you nasty thing you

Are you writing the most erotic, graphic, freakiest friend fiction ever and don’t want your grandma to know about it? Do you have a secret merman fetish? Don’t want to let anyone know you have thousands of pictures of Chris Hemsworth you stare at? Well you can put any one of these into a secret board. Just make sure don’t accidentally save that furry porn to your public decor board.

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