Places I Want to go for Halloween: USA Edition



Four weeks until Australia doesn’t celebrate a cool holiday that actually has an interesting history behind it. So when I was thinking of posts for this spooky month, I realised there were so many places in the world I would love to go for October and especially Hallows’ Evening. Naturally I came up with so many that it would be impossible to list them all in one post; even my US locations were going to be a long post, so for today I picked five – all in different states – to show you today.



All these are public areas (except Greystones interior, you need a permit) so you can freely wander and take pictures if allowed. Be mindful if you do visit these places to be respectful of the residents and your surroundings – I know it’s stupid I bring it up but.. people are stupid.


Point Pleasant, West Virginia

This cute little city in West Virginia has everything one might want to see in a little American town. Quaint little buildings of yesteryear, good coffee, UFO sightings, character and interesting local history, but there’s one thing that really draws me to Point Pleasant…







I love the story of the Mothman, all the lore around it, and even The Mothman Prophecies with Richard Gere. They have a statue, a museum and even a festival dedicated to the big boy. Honestly, the only place I would turn into a dorky tourist and lap eeeeeverything up.




Sleepy Hollow, New York

Speaking of things I geek out over, I loved the legend of the Headless Horseman rampaging through the fictional town of Sleepy Hollow in Washington Irving’s novel, so I would absolutely love to go to the real Sleepy Hollow for Halloween!

They have an international film festival, a “Jack O’Lantern Blaze”, farmer’s market, curiousities store and -of course- the Old Dutch Church and the cemetery, among loads more in this gorgeous little village.



Voodoo Authentica & Voodoo Bone Lady, New Orleans

I am fascinated by voodoo and the vodou culture of New Orleans but I wasn’t sure where to go for an all-round experience, but after looking at many places, it seems like I’ve found two places that would give authentic and informative vodou experiences that visitors have enjoyed.

I found out -thanks to Yelp- that both Voodoo Authentica and Voodoo Bone Lady shops, readings and tours are two of the best in New Orleans.




Pictured: A cool lady and a damn good time.





Bridgewater Triangle, Massachusetts


There are a lot of places I’d love to go to in Massachusetts but I thought I’d show you this one today. I only heard about it from this Tumblr post and since I already want to explore most of Massachusetts anyway, I might as well to go to an alledged paranormal triangle place!

The Bridgewater Triangle consists of numerous towns in a 200 sqm/ 520km area south of Boston where apparently a shitload of things have happened, so much so that there’s a documentary and FX just announced they’re making a tv series about it.



Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills


If there is one place that makes me want to be somewhere on the 31 of October, drinking vanilla Coke out of a fancy sherry glass, flinging my over my shoulder as I peer out into the night like I’ve just killed my husband and waiting for my sugar daddy to come embrace me, it’s this house.
While no sugar daddy has ever been reported, it does have a tale of murder, a suspicious suicide, affairs, fame, fortune and mystery.

If you have about 11 minutes free I really advise you to watch Caitlin aka Ask A Mortician‘s video I’ve embed above because it’s really insightful about the scandalous history behind the home while filming inside of it – something only films and Meatloaf are able to do.

A truly gorgeous and opulant home.. with a dark and mysterious twist.

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