Let’s Make Easy Black Caramel Apples

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It’s time for a Halloween treat, right? Well today I thought we’d make caramel apples, the treat candied apples wished they were. Beautiful, perfect caramel apples. And while they are perfect, they have to be tweaked slightly for the setting of Halloween, so we’re going to paint ’em black!


For this we aren’t making caramel from scratch because you should be well-versed in how I cannot be bothered in doing anything (or to put this in a positive, cool way ‘maximum effect with minimal effort’, so we’re using delicious Werther’s Chewy Toffee caramels.

While researching this I noticed a few others have gone this route and included a splash of milk or cream, so I’m going go the same route.



With my apples washed, de-stemmed and dried I stabbed them with sticks then popped them aside. I stabbed two sticks for stability when eating and the idea of using sticks makes my OCD go into hyperdrive. Of course, you can swap these out when it comes time to plating.
And why am I not using Granny Smith apples? I find green apples like Granny Smith way too sweet and strong in flavour whereas I like red apples more because of their crunch and muted sweetness; all the sweetness I want is coming from the caramel. I couldn’t find one my favourites – Red Delicious – so I’m going with backup goodies, Royal Gala and Pink Lady.


Next is to get a sheet pan prepared with baking paper and some light cooking spray or a light smear of butter. Also this is the best time to check you have another room in the fridge to cool and store the apples once their done.



Alright, it’s caramel time! I unwrap two bags worth of caramels and place them in a saucepan with milk and heat over medium heat, keeping an eye on it and stirring ocassionally until everything is combined and smooth. At this point I’ll turn my temp to low and add the my black gel colouring little by little since I’m certain I’ll stain everything in a 10-metre radius.




Now we dunk-n-swirl to get something liiiiiike-




these! Two packets worth of Werther’s coated four good-sized apples, which I was really happy about.


Now that I’ve done them I’ve gotta say it was really easy. The only two things I’d change when doing them again I’ll put as little tips below-

  1. Even if the weather is nice it helps to put the apples in the fridge while prepping as it cools the caramel down faster when adhering.
  2. I ended up putting two more tablespoons of milk in which was fine, but for something like this where you want them to set quickly and not be really chewy if you have false teeth, fillings or like a stiffer caramel.


And that’s that! I was really happy at how easy this was and that no utencils were killed in the making of these, so now I’m going to go put myself in a sugar coma.



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