Reptilian Scale Claw Nails



I know, I know, it’s another nails post! I was going to add this to the branded nails post and have a Super Mega Nails post but it would have been way too long and the Assistant has been prodded and poked to do a Halloween makeup post so… I’ll we’ll try to get on that!

For now I want to show you one of my favourite nail looks, dragon-like, reptilian scale nails! All you need is some false nails, Blu-Tack, nail glue, nail file, and nail polish.



The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out what kind of false nails you want to use. I find a full nail much easier because I don’t have to glue the nail down then fill in with acrylic or gel.

After playing with the squared tips for a while, I decided that I would have to shape them too much then had to fill with acrylic and… screw that.





Next, you make matches for each of your nails – or whatever nails you want to add the nails to – by using a marker and the file. You can flatten or sharpen each of the nails to however you like; I made what would be the bottom nail a little sharper.
Also, I’m going for a set of three, but you can really have as many as you want.


So, your nails are all prepped for construction. Using some Blu Tack to test lengths and effects, layer the nails under the main nail to create something you like.
Hint: Pulling down each nail makes a cool effect, which I’ll talk about further down.

The hard part is now over! It’s painting nails time and trust me when I say you’ll want to show them off with a nice colour or effect. I chose one of my coveted polishes which unfortunately was a limited edition, China Glaze’s Stone Cold, a matte graphite (it’s still on the site but doesn’t seem to be for sale anywhere except Amazon at the time of writing).




Now that you’ve painted the nails and know what look you want, it’s time to glue them together before gluing them down to your nail bed. Below I’ve shown the two ways that I mentioned earlier that where you can get a different effect by pulling down each nail slightly while the glue is drying.



As you can see, tightly layering them makes them shorter but gives strength, while spacing them out and pulling down curls them but does weaken it and they might break apart.


There you have it! You have your own little claw-y talons!


If you like experimenting more you can get that weird blue furry effect stuff you have in your nail box and see what it looks like-



Ah yes, Grover chic.

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